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What rank did you make it to in Boy Scouts?


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No offense, but once when doing security at an airshow with Civil Air Patrol (We were a full military uniform, helmet flak jacket and all) these Boy scouts in there short shorts tried marching in formation to show off. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Again no offense, but man, they looked hilarious.

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^ those shorts are no longer used, thank god and now Boy Scouts is something you have to respect again. I seriously need to have a talk with the comissioner or official responsible for allowing that exact peice of clothing into a boy's organization.


I do admit, I did wear them ONCE. NEVER AGAIN.


I think after 2004-2005 they banned the things or stop allowing them being in use after 5-10 years.

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I can remember starting Cub Scouts when I was in around 3rd grade. I worked my way all through that, got into Boy Scouts, and I either made it to First Class or the one after it...


I quit before heading into high school. It'd be nice to say I made it to Eagle, but I just grew out of wanting to be in it.


The places we went camping were super awesome though.

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I made it to Senior Girl Scout (I think that is the highest rank)....it wasn't that impressive...all you have to do is be in the right age bracket...and poof...your the highest ranked girl scout.


Yeah, same here - no qualifications other than being a certain age. I don't think I made it quite as far as Senior Girl Scout. It might have been Junior, but I really can't remember. I was actually just thinking about this because the Girl Scout cookies I ordered arrived this week.

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EDIT: I went to Seabase last Summer, and I do plan on going with my troop when they go to Philmont.


Philmont is absolutely EPIC!! You absolutely have to go - it's the best thing, IMO, scouting has to offer.


I WANT TO GO BAAACK TO PHILMONT!!!! i love it! did you go over Baldy or The Tooth of Time??


I am currently working on my eagle badge and am a Life Scout.


I'll post my pic from philmont a little later.

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did you go over Baldy or The Tooth of Time??


I went over The Tooth of Time, not Baldy, although I did camp on top of Mt. Philips in some of the worst weather imaginable. (Hail, freezing rain, 20 degree temperatures, etc.)


The horrible weather atop Mt. Phillips.


Me atop the Tooth of Time.

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I never did Boy Scouts because I did the church version : Awanas! But I did do TaeKwonDo as a kid and got to black belt, then quit.


You went from awanas to mooning a camera doing a dance that ended up on the internet? Your leader must be so proud


AWANAS is probably the stupidest acronym ever







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