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Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

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That was the fun of it. It NEVER looked stable. The ride always seemed more wild and out of control than it actually was because the support structure looked and felt so unstable. It also could just be an optical illusion considering only one side has a catwalk and railing, whereas on most (if not all) other wooden coasters, they are on both sides. But considering the ride has been standing since 1938, I think it'll be just fine.

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Apparently there was another fire at the park last week.


Reports are that the Kiddieland rest rooms were burned down. The guys working on the Blue Streak reportedly spotted the fire, and took a garden hose to the carousel building to protect it until firefighters arrived.

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I went by the park on Tuesday, July 6 to check up on Blue Streak, and new track is being laid. The progress looks really good. I did not get a picture, but a good amount of new wood had already been put in up on the turnaround, plus as far as I could see from the road. Many piles of wood yet to be put in were still sitting up there also. I'm actually really anxious to ride this again!

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Another bump for an email I received today:


Please help spread the word; Facebook, e-mail blast, etc....our 1938 wooden coaster is in the running for a $50,000 grant from Pepsi in their Refresh Everything program. It\'s all vote based; the projects in the top 10 spots at the end of July each win $50,000. We need votes, every day! Our coaster and park need to be preserved; please vote.


Lisa Rawson

Trustee, Conneaut Lake Park



Blue Streak Coaster at Conneaut Lake Park in the Running to Compete for $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant



The 2010 Pepsi Refresh Project is a grant program that awards $1,300,000 each month to the projects in each award category that receive the most votes from the public. The Blue Streak Restoration Project has qualified for the July voting period. The ten projects in the $50,000 category that have the most votes as of the end of July will each receive the funding.


Go to www.refresheverything.com/conneautlakeparkbluestreak to register to vote, then click on Vote for this Idea. There is no fee to do so. You can (and should!) vote every day. The leader board on the website will indicate the ranking of each project. You must be at least 13 years old to vote.


Work has begun and is progressing on the Blue Streak, and the park is open! But, as was explained at the Coaster Convention on June 24, the reconstruction progress is exceeding the funding. Help us earn the votes we need to qualify for the grant by voting every day, spreading the word to others, and donating to the Blue Streak Restoration fund at www.conneautlakepark.com. Let’s get the Blue Streak back on track!

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I just wanted to mention that I rarely participate in any online voting or cause groups. However, this coaster looks sweet and I think it can get in the top 10 for this competition. A lot of the other "causes" are really unnecessary. There's one for dogs getting neutered- isn't that the owner's responsibility? Anyways, take the 3 minutes to vote for this coaster. It's easier than emailing Dan for a bag of crap and it could mean that you will get to ride a coaster in the future that you normally wouldn't have gotten to ride.

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