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Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

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just called clp (pronounced conn e it (if i remember correctly) I always thought it was co co nut, lol. They are working on getting the website updated to have that info on there. They are getting slammed with phone calls, Spread this info, help save the park.

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I had a great time there on my last visit and thought the park looked much better. I have also stayed at their motel and ate at the Restaurant and had a good time doing both. If they get the token thing up on their website I will purchase one even if nothing happens. Heck I have wasted five dollars on a lot worse things.


Personally I feel that if they were ever really going to do an ACE museum they should buy a park like this, keep the rides and add the museum on site. course that makes sense and we also no the museum is never going to happen.

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It really says something about what the community must think about the park if they can't get the local business population to help raise this money.


It's not so much that they don't care, as it is that the community is too small to have an amusement park.

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Canobie "Yeah... They sent me my money back"Fan


Ditto...Allyson kept her word, at least in regard to my "Whale money." YMMV.



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I think there's a difference between the Whalom Wales and the Conneaut tokens. Whalom was already a lost cause when wales were sold. In this case Conneaut needs money to open for the season since the future is held up in the courts. Selling tokens won't save the park but it could help get it open for a while. The problem I see is how long will that help if the land sale is held up in the court? Conneaut operates on such a shoesting budget that this may just work to at least get the park up and running for the season. The community came together to get the train and tumble bug going last year so this may work.


If the land is sold then the park has a good chance to survive but who knows when that will happen. I really don't understand many of the details of the land sale such as why is only one person trying to buy this prime property and why can't the zoning laws be modified for something so critical to the community. Maybe the new Snow Waters developers should pitch in some money to make their property a bit more attractive. A struggling open park would still look better across the street than a closed down park.

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The tokens are a decent deal actually, buy one for 5 and go to the park and get a 12 pass.




From the article about the land sale.


The park had hoped to sell 3.3 acres of land at the park to Gregory Sutterlin to help pay down the debt and give the park the money it needs to open. That plan fizzled Monday when Crawford County Court of Common Pleas Judge Anthony Vardaro decided against the land sale, offering seven objections. Because it’s a charitable trust operating under court supervision, the park must get court approval for moves like selling land.

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They finally have the info on the website now but it looks like they are only taking phone orders. I'll probably buy a couple, for the same reason as coaster05. I can think of a lot worse things to spend $10 on.


If I head out to CP later this year I'll swing by for a couple of hours to get some rides on Blue Streak.

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Deshner told me if they do not get the full money he will open in phases. Starting with Hotel Conneaut and Camperland. Then Kiddyland then the other rides then the rest of the park.


Open with the hotel first? I wonder what the reason is?

Without rides running, i imagine Camperland will be a ghost town except for the seasonal RV's, even on weekends when it's usually crowded.


We plan on going their next weekend and buy some tokens.

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^ well the reason the hotel is opening first is because it's ready to go. I stayed a night last week.


Kiddyland is far from done but it will take less work than the big rides.


I have been there helping out and yesturdayI helped prep the Hotel Dining room for a prom for a local high school last night.


Me and George went looking at the damage for a series of storms that happened on tuesday. And A tornado touched down a few miles away. But the only real damage was a tree that went through a bathroom at the Bluestreak Picnic grove.


It also went through this shed.


Across the tracks


Now it has a sky light


At least it was not the Bluestreak.

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