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(NL) Blast! Into the Wilderness

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This is the second coaster I ever did.


Blast! Into the wilderness is a unique Experience. A launched Motorbike Coaster that Catapults riders from 0-55 in three seconds flat! This is the first and only motor bike coaster in the entire world that has a 90 degree banked turn.


The woods are overgrown throughout so seeing is nearly impossible. This is one of few moto-coasters that actually has a few insane pops of air-time.


Max acceleration is 0-55 in 3 seconds. Top speed is 60 MPH. There are three (yes THREE) trains, each with ten cars, two rows each, making for 20 riders per train.



Please enjoy.


Riders, keep your feet flat on the floor, hold on tight and get ready to BLAST into the wilderness!


A look at the first drop. That drop may be small but it packs some SERIOUS omfg Air Time! A look at the spiral turn and other structures too.


Eyes open or closed, you still can't see where you're going!


There sure are a lot of "Sharp turns and sudden drops" here...


Mmmm... Motor Bikes..


An aerial view.


A closer look at the spiral turn. The train takes that turn at FULL speed!


A view of the launch block. That launch is so powerful, I nearly vibrated right off the platform as the train zoomed by. x_x


There it is. Ninety degree yummyness!

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