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Myrtle Beach Grand Prix

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Does anyone remember a water ride that was at Myrtle Beach Grand Prix (South) ? 2 swinging/spinning cars held 2 people sat back-to-back with a hose to shoot water out of. They could go, if I remember, pretty high and spin pretty fast!


Just wondering- thanks!



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^^ My friend's brother had been a mechanical engineer on the ride. He had told us that it was ill-equipped and needed further engineering and design. I later heard (obviously from an unreliable source) that the ride had failed. But according to Linda Orgera, vice president of sales and marketing for the park:

"By regulating the water pressure, the riders control how high and fast the swing goes, spraying fellow riders and onlookers in the process".


Or at least that's how the ride was supposed to work when it premiered last year.


``Basically, [we closed it) because it wasn't as exciting as it could be"


So seems as though my friend's brother was correct on his assessment, however, I can find no information regarding an accident. link to full article



It still seems slightly odd that the ride was closed so quickly after completion due to lack of excitement.

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