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Six Flags Over Denver-RCT2- No CS

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Dueling Diamondback clones painted black?



One more thing to add. This might not be a good time to make a snow related announcement because lately here in northern Colorado it has been as hot and dry as southern California in July... Seriously, it feels like summer here.


I do not know what the big deal is! Cause its practically the best weather I have ever seen here in Boulder. I would be ok if it never snowed again!

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Sorry guys, I know I said there would for sure be an update today, but it has been re pushed back to tomorrow. Grades aka all late homework is due tomorrow, so I am working on it tonight for a while. I have a little update done, but would like to play a little more, and make more of an update.

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It's time for an update. Denver has lived on nothing but a few mediocre to crap coasters for long enough, and we need SOMETHING more!


Waterworld satisfies and exceeds the water attraction needs for the entire western US, but our coaster collection barely satisfies Denver, not to mention the whole state.

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Dounle Black Diamonds track has been finished, and theming/ station materials are coming tomorrow. Timber Twist has been down for a while due to landscaping, but re opened recently.


A nice shot of timber twists nice landscaping.


A good view of the layout




Cobra roll- Hell yeah


zero g roll and immelman (sp)



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Thanks guys! I tried to make this coaster as "B&Mish" as possible, but with enough of my own originality and force to make it exciting.


Just for everyone to know, there will be an update soon, but not this weekend. My parents took away my disk for the weekend and I can't go see Watchmen

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You do know there's a way for you to install RCT2 (or any games/software) on you computer without using a disk each time you want to play/work. I knew how to do it, I've forgotten though. I'll try to find out!


BTW, I am REALLY impressed with your speed racer. You have really improved with your coasters. Plus, you have not quit this park! I know this will be a nice park (it is now) when it's done.



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^^ Thanks


^ I thought coasters with the spiral lifts were called jet stars.


Tell me if you guys like the following story line/concept for the new coaster.


A group of skiiers and snowboarders decide to ride a slope that has been shut down for the last 7 years, due to the fact the run is prone to avalanches and other relentless run conditions. The run was so intense that is was actually called double black diamond. The group of skiiers and snowboarders must brave this dangerous/closedoff ski run. Do you think they will survive?

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^I am totally down with the Denver themeing, but that story line is not very original. It works for sure if your going for just the general idea, but I think you should go for something more "epic", if you know what I mean. Something like this...


In the midst of treacherous roads, falling snow and a high risk of avalanche, a small group of friends traveled from the warmth of their homes to brave the dumping of snow that had hit the mountain the night before. The mountain was blanketed in feet of fresh snow that was too much to pass up for the dare devils. As if ignoring the reports from the ski resort, the group decided to tackle Black Bear Cliffs (or whatever run name you dig), the steepest most technical run on the mountain. In an effort to out perform their cohorts, one friend takes extreme skiing a little too far, triggering a massive avalanche that engulfs much of the run. Did the black bear strike again?



That might be kind of fun, but I might be delirious due to exhaustion.

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Thats awesome, but I dont know how to theme that without CS, we'll see what I can do. And, yes, the first theme was more of a general idea. I am probably going to theme the station to a run down skil lift building, complete with a ski lift(if I have them, if not, well see what I can do.

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