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Six Flags New Park Map For 2009 Season

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Most of the coaster layouts have improved on SFMM's new map, but Riddler is way off!

Eh, the first drop and loop, yes, but the rest is fairly accurate.


As for the "emphasis on coasters" thing, could it just be the size proportion? I mean, coasters are much bigger than shops and kiddie rides in real life. Maybe that's what the main problem is, as it doesn't really seem to me that they tried to exaggerate the size of the coasters at all (unlike CP, where MF's absurd lift completely covers the little petting farm). It seems they kept the actual sizes fairly proportionate.


I really do like these new maps though. Clear and concise.

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"Don't remember Tatsu being on my map..." (AWill961)


Tatsu opened in 2006, which is why it wouldn't be on a 2005 map. Just tellin' ya.


OK, for your viewing pleasure, here are the .jpg files for my 1971 map.


I apologize for their large size, but if I make them too small, the detail will be lost. However, if any TPR staff members want me to resize the files, I will.





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The new maps are a huge improvement. They look really good. The only strange thing is missing roller coasters and some that are way off. I was looking at the Great Adventure map and the layout for El Toro is way off and it also isn't drawn very well, same for basically the rest of the coasters on that map (when compared to the SFMM map and other maps). It just looks weird because there will be one very accurate, well drawn coaster next to one that look like they just quickly sketched it.

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^^ Yeah, I laugh at the celebrity lineup at that time. But remember, it was a family park and the acts had to appeal to everyone.


We went on August 20, 1971, so according to the schedule, Mel Torme was playing that day. I think we went to the performance, but for some reason I don't remember it. But I do remember sitting in the 7Up/Dixi Cola Showcase Theatre just before leaving. Chances are, I was so bored that I enjoyed watching the Metro trains passing by more than the show!


Whatever happened to Dixi Cola, anyway?



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Interesting maps.




Two-Face is mysteriously missing from the SFA map...


It's no mystery since SFA decided to get rid of the ride following a mechanical malfunction back in 07.Just look for another boring stage or costume character dressing room to take it's place since SF doesn't want to add rides to the park.

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