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Avenger (No Limits wooden looper)

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I've had NL for about five months now & just figured out how to build a woodie. About 2 weeks ago I started to build Avenger. I named it after my first & current car I'm not sure how to figure out how tall or long rides are yet or if you even can. This ride was inspired by El Toro. I even decided to add a loop in the mix. The ride looks fast & intense but while building it I couldn't tell until after I recorded the video. I'm not sure if anyone posted videos of their creations but I do not no how to take still shots using the NL program yet. I hope you enjoy my first woodie Avenger!



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This is meant to be more for fun than realistic, right? For what it is, I like it. You're new after all. If it was real, I would rather live than ride it but it seems fun nonetheless! As for your questions, I don't own NL so have no idea but I'm sure someone on here will. As for some more general comments, I don't think you should have vertical drops, your loop seems 'wonky', your break run stretches for miles and you need to bank some corners and increase the size of some of those hills, otherwise you'd probably be thrown out of the car. I suppose too much airtime is bad for you. Thanks for the video and carry on!

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Screenshot = K


To bank a turn click the blue point twice and adjust "roll"

You need to fix those 2 things, get the G's out of the red, and adjust the near vertical drops. In my taste they are too steep for a woodie.


Anyway, this was better than how I built only last month! You learn fast don't worry

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Is this what happens when Son of Beast and El Toro have a baby?


A little bit on the extreme end, Matt. Yes, sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad.



About checking for stats, all you have to do is click "Coaster" icon on the top of the screen in the editor, then go to "Statistics" where you can view your track length. To check for the max height, I don't think there is a way to calculate the exact height, so I just approximate. To do this, go to one of the side views in the editor, roll your cursor over the highest point of the ride, and the y-axis value will show directly above the editor. For example, in this picture, this GCI of mine is roughly 100ft tall, and the length (not pictured) is roughly 2900ft.



I hope this helps.


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