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[NL] Timber Beast - Download Up

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This is my first attempt at NoLimits that actually came out decent. All G's stay in the green, the supports don't look like crap because of auto-supports, and it looks awesome!


It kind of resembles the Dania Beach Hurricane but there are a few differences in the layout.











I'll put up a download after I fix some support issues.


Thanks for looking, Michael

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Well I decided to name it Timber Beast, I know so un-original. I know there are a few little things that could be changed to make it better such as how it comes into the final break-run and the supports, but this is my first NoLimits woodie, and only my 3rd coaster. This is also my 1st time posting a download here so lets hope it works:

Timber Beast.nltrack

No Limits Wooden Coaster by Rct3Mike

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Not bad for your first coaster! Here are a couple things I though you did well...

-I really enjoyed the colors of the coaster and the rustic feel

-The drops and floater hills

-The layout

Here are some things I think you could improve on...

-Make sure that you smooth things out and make sure they are straight.

-Supports could have used a little work

-Tunnel test the track


Overall this was a great attempt, just give it some time and you'll be great. No Limits is a tough program to get used to.

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