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[NL] Ghost Train

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Ghost Train is my latest NL coaster. This is an attempt at an all-wooden TGG, which mixes a bit of the old and new styles of wooden coasters.


The ride follows the theme of:


An old country train follows the course of Dead Man's River, a deep, cloudy body of water set away from the rest of the world. But when the train makes an attempt to cross over the river, all h#ll breaks loose as the Dead Man himself arises to take his revenge, and carries you on one of the wildest rides of your life!


Ghost Train is mostly hand-built. AHG was used after the MCBR, to bring in that 'new style' of woodie.


Please download, enjoy, and COMMENT!


Ghost Train.nltrack



Better view of the layout.


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Oh my! That was amazing! I loved the length of the ride, it was well worth riding! The only things I really noticed were...

- Try to slow the acc g's on the lift hill because when it is E-stoped it goes from 0-7mph in like 2 seconds. Try lowering the acc g's to 0.1

- The train gets stuck on between the last break run, and the station when the ride is e-stoped.

Other than those two things your coaster was amazingly wonderful! Great job I would give it a 9/10!!


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DBru, this truly is a spectacular piece of coaster you have. I enjoyed all the massively banked turns and the flow from one to the next, it carried it speed well for the most part too which added to its appeal. Besides the flow and the turns of the ride, I really liked the floater hills. The one thing this ride missed I thought was the supports on the banked turns, when it was almost sideways the tracked just looked goofy the way it was, but I know you cant fix that so I wont hold it against you. Great ride, keep it up.

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Wow, 3 downloads, 3 comments...is that a record? lol


In all seriousness, thank you all so much for the comments!


I only tested the e-stop from the MCBR to the station...forgot about the lift. And the reason I wasn't worried about the e-stop from FBR to the station was because when I tested the ride, the first train made it all the way back to the station. Since there are 3 trains, obviously one of the trains made it from the FBR (at a standstill) back to the station. Do you understand what I'm saying?


But anyway, thanks again, and all other feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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Wow, 3 downloads, 3 comments...is that a record? lol


In all seriousness, thank you all so much for the comments!..


Good stuff always get more comments, and this was pretty good!! I really liked it until the mid-break section. Then it got all turning and stuff, and thats not really my thing. But thats personall.


The coaster it self is really smooth. I didn't find any red g's (which I don't care about anyway). The only thing I can think off right now is that the first few hills are kind of stretched out and could have been a little more compact to generate more airtime. But other then that it was great!

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Again, you've out-done your previous efforts with this ride.


The good

-Smooth as a knife through butter.

-Nice combination of elements and layout.

-Very fun.

-Nice pacing.

-Great idea by installing roofs on certain sections.


The not so good

-It doesn't really do anything out-of-the-ordinary in terms of elements and layout.


My Verdict

Another solid ride from you, it just lacks that extra push to make it to make it memorable.


Other than that, good job!


8/10 (verging on 9)

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^^I was wondering where you've been with that review.


Thanks for all the comments, guys! This stuff really helps, and I appreciate it very much.


And PointeBreak, I will get a POV up as soon as I have time.

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