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Dubai Entertainment Center (IEPC)

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Just a few months ago, an American company "IEPC" (International Entertainment Park Corporation) announced to make a huge Entertainment Center. An Entertainment Center is more than just coasters and thrill rides. There will be a water park, multiple Hotels, a mall, and much more. The park has not released much information but they did say there will be five coasters opening with the park. More information should be released tomorrow, including some concept art!

The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest growing countries in the whole world.

Here you can see two hangars where many of the park's blue prints and documents are being held.

As of now there is B&M, Intamin, and Vekoma track waiting to be put into place.

These construction vehicles are ready to get to work!

In the middle of DEC (Dubai Entertainment Center) is a big man made lake.

Linking off of the huge lake is a canal where many shops will be.

The mall just opened last month, and honestly it is not too great...

Here is what the small mall looks like inside, I have been told that it will be expanded in a couple of years.

When they do expand I hope they don't remove this neat pond!

DEC's logo (once made) will be here.

Here is the small parking garage, It was also announced that they will either build up onto this one or make another.

Here is a small hotel, this is not one of the ones featured with the resort DEC, this is just an 'Inn' found near the park.

This building is still under construction, I'm guessing it does not have to do with the park at all though.


More tomorrow!

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Thanks for the replies.


What is that ugly green building I see behind the mall?

It's the another new Hotel. As of now, I don't know what it is, but it's rumored to be a Kalahari.

They kept the small ponds when making the hotel!

Ever Since they announced the park a few months ago, the water park has been under construction, it's almost done.

What an awesome skyline for a water park!

Here is the wave pool.

And here is what the side of the hotel looks like from the water park.

The smaller hotel looks cool from here!


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^I'm sorry, but if it was just "some bored kid whos playing RCT3" then it would look like crap. I can see that when someone takes a serious approach, and when someone doesn't. Plus the RCT games are meant to be fun, so wouldn't he be entertained?


Also, this topic is some what outdated, so you where just doing that just to make fun of him.

-Matthew K.

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^^ When you post comments like this, be prepared to steamrolled by other members later on.


IF you call this a kid bored with RCT, then what do you call all the great parks then? Crap?


I mean the park, is not the best but that was harsh.















wow....I just posted to a topic that's been dead for a long time.....me and bass awkard RCT related postings

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I was just searching for Dubai stuff and had not realized it was in the Games section. I just thought someone was trying to pull it off as a real park.


Sorry for any offence caused. It is, ofcourse, as an RCT park, amazing.


Sorrry again.

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