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I noticed that the newer coasters that don't have a floor have 2 sides of stairs. The sitting down w/ floors have only one.


If someone can prove me wrong, please do.

B&M Flying coaster only has 1 set of stairs.

The following picture is from RCDB

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I'd guess the catwalks having only side have to do more with park operations than with cost. If you have a ride that is stuck on the lift, you would have to send up employees (probably a mixture of Ride Ops, Maintenance, and Supervisors). If you have 1 set of stairs, you send up less employees, and, more importantly, you have better controlled over freaked out guests. 1 catwalk equals one way to control the flow of traffic.

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If you look at the flyer pic, I don't think the stairs are used to evacuate people. If you look at the bottom of the lift, there's some sort of gray platform that looks like it's on rails that rul parallel to the lift. So I'm guessing that's how they evacuate people in case of a shutdown.


Most likely the single catwalk is used for maintenance.

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Could possibly be that some designs require it and others don't.


Inverted and floor less needs stairs on both sides to get the people off and styles that have floors generally don't.


Batman At SFGAm is an invert with a catwalk on one side of the lift. All B&M inverts and flyers have Lift Unload Platforms (LUP).


Anytime a train needs to be emergency unloaded, usually a member of maintenance will operate the LUP. Maintenance and members of management (supervisors/full-tim) will assist the guests off the train, onto to the LUP, and onto the catwalk. Then, depending on the park and emergency procedures, two employees will then escort a portion of the unloaded train back to the station (usually one or two rows).


On a side note, climbing the lifts/catwalks can be a lot of fun.

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I know that Batman at SFSTL has catwalks on both sides and a platform under the lift. Both catwalks are directly accessible from the station. Lift unloads here are always one team member or supervisor/manager in front, another in back of the group, and at least another supervisor or manager to assist guests off the train.

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In the case of Sheikra, Griffon, etc how does the evac cart even work when you have a floorless coaster? Really how does any of it work with a floorless coaster?


If you go up the lift on a standard floorless coaster you'll see small platforms hanging off the railing at various intervals,maintenance crews simply place these platforms in front of each row of seats & the guests step out onto them.


On a side note during construction how are lift chains installed on B&M inverts & flyers? Unlike the SLC the chain doesn't appear to run on the top side of the spine on it's way back down to the base of the lift.

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