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What's your favourite pie?

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I've just checked Google to find out what a Key Lime is, as I had no idea!


What goes in a Boston Creme Pie?


Do you have pork pies in the US?


I've just discovered that there have been films made with pork pie in the title!

There was Goodbye Pork Pie, a NZ 1981 film, which had nothing to do with pork pies, it was a road movie with the car being called Pork Pie!

There was The Perils of Pork Pie, a silent movie in 1916!

A TV series in the UK ran from 1995 to 1996 called Porkpie!

And an autobiographical film about a priest's son 1960's Wales called Pork Pie!!!!!!!!


Pork Pies rule!


Here are some pics of pork pies that I found. One has a boiled egg in the centre!!!!!!!


Pork pie with egg in the centre!


Pork pie!

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Boston Cream Pie is one of my favorite desserts. Despite the name, however, it is actually cake, not pie. It's two-layer yellow cake, with custard in between, topped with chocolate ganache. MMMMMMMMM. My birthday is Thursday, and I get Boston Cream Pie for my birthday cake every year!!!!


The meat pie we make is actually a combination of ground pork, ground beef, and onions, with seasonings and a little filler (mashed potatoes or bread crumbs) baked in a double crust pie.


Maureen "OMG I'm hungry!!!!!" O'Donnell

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^^ Pork pie is really nice! The pastry is really hard and the inside tastes kinda like erm, well, pork! We have one in our fridge all the time cos Simon really loves them. (I do too!) I have been known to eat sliced pork pie sandwiches. (which is maybe a little strange)


The Boston Creme Pie sounds YUMMY! (But I am a diabetic)

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^^ You too, eh Bocakey?


I'm usually pretty good, but sometimes I slip. However, if you look around, you can find some pretty good sugar free stuff. At least here in the US; I don't know about your neck of the woods.


Part of the problem with that pork pie isn't the pork, it's the egg in it. I just don't eat the darned things (can't stand 'em!).



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Being a diabetic is really crappy at times! A lot of the diabetic pretend sweet stuff gives me really bad stomach problems and I can spend up to a day in the bathroom! So sometimes I just have normal sweet stuff and then feel ill for a few days afterwards! I just can't win!


Eggs are eggcellent! Especially pickled eggs from the fish and chip shop! I also love scrambled, fried, boiled and poached eggs!


But pies still rule!

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While my mom makes an awesome meat pie, usually with ground beef and whatever leftover veggies she has in the fridge, the sweet pies are my favourite. If I had to list them in order, it would be #1 rhubarb, #2 raspberry and #3 butterscotch.



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