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Anyone know what coaster this is?

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A pic of this coaster was used on the textbooks we use to have for the High school I went to. All the while, I've been wondering what coaster it is...and never mind what I said about vekoma.


I hate math, but I love coasters. What a combo. Lol.

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Both of them look like Arrow/Vekoma's from the track/train design.


By the way, speaking of school books and coasters... I get to talk about rollercoaster designs/physics/history to 10th grade science classes for volunteer service hours in April! Going to be so fun trying ot explain that sorta stuff to the "GP"!

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Is the textbook in the OP Australian? If not, it's a bit random to pick the Corkscrew of all coasters. Maybe that was the one the publishing company just found in the stock library used.


That said, I love the Corkscrew , great little coaster despite its short length and still awesomely smooth to ride. Shame it goes on a boring maths textbok though.

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We had a similar one for Grade 11, though I could never figure it out...



No logo on the front of the train, either. Kinda looks like a snake (Viper?) or at least it has scales.


That's gotta be Sidewinder from Elitch Gardens. Or some other Arrow shuttle, because of that walkway at the bottom of the loop.

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The coaster on the cover of the mathbook in the first post has an unusual feature---a left-hand corkscrew. That picture may have been printed backwards, as there are very few Arrow or Vekoma corkscrews with a left-hand twist. A flag in the background looks like it could be the French flag, but I wasn't able to tell for sure.


Those are a couple of clues as to what ride this is.



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