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I heard it's going to SFA.


Is there anything else that could possibly confirm this? I'm still doubtful.


And "XWORKS" X raptor??????


I think he was having fun with the SFA locals.

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Ohh, I forgot to tell anyone. This is the track to my backyard coaster that I ordered from B&M last year. It's all up and running smooth now


No really, I hope SFA gets this. But then they were also thinking about getting a Tony Hawk clone for in place of Two Face.

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Sorry to ressurect the Yellow Thread. But it seemed the place to put the Blue Thread









Source: http:\\www.screamscape.com


The tag suggests and Inverted Coaster as does what is almost certainly a support connector for a Loop\Immelment style element.


Could very well be the Parc Asterix invert.

Source: www.coastersworld.fr/index.php?page=news&id=1258

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I haven't been around as much the last couple of years, and I haven't purchased a TPR DVD in about 7 years. But these videos just get more and more incredible every time I go back to the YouTube channel to check out the new entries.


Most of them seem more or less perfectly recorded. This one is just a feast for the eyes.


Kudos, Robb (and anyone else who desrves credit).


Now if we could only get rid of all that yelling and cursing....

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I really enjoyed Hair Raiser, it's a bit short but for Ocean Park it really fits in well! The airtime hill is amazing as are the brief glimpses of the view you egt as you go round.

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^Definitely a pleasant surprise, after hearing a number of people bash it for being "rattly." That little airtime hill was a shocker--in a good way.

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Fire crews fought blaze at Clermont Steel Fabricators Monday evening

No injuries reported in fire; cause under investigation



BATAVIA TOWNSHIP, Ohio —A Clermont County fire Monday night required several crews to fight the flames.


Multiple fire departments got the call Monday around 9:30 p.m. that there was a two-alarm fire at the Clermont Steel Fabricators building in the 2500 block of old State Route 32 in Batavia Township.


Officials said the fire was in the “bag house,” where a recycling company stores its bags.


Fire officials said there were not any injuries reported in the fire, and the cause is still under investigation.



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