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EPCOT Center Recreation [RCT3]

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Well, if any of you hang out at Atari, you may have seen my EPCOT recreation there many moons ago. I've been working on it off and on over the past two years, as custom scenery becomes available to fit my needs.


I decided to resurrect the project, and started work on it again this week, so I'll tempt you with some shots of the work over the past few years.


This is a retro recreation, dated to 1984. So World of Motion, and Horizons will be a part of it.


And I'll leave you with this.


The Land after the sun sets.


Imagination at night. These are exciting captions, are they not?


SSE at night.


Back over to East Future World.


The Imagination pavilion.


Over to The Land.


Looking back at SSE from the Fountain of Nations


Into the entrance plaza.


Off the monorail.

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Now this is awesome!


Oh and the guy I'm dating just saw it and he says that you have no life, just like me... since we spend all this time playing with RCT3!


Of course at this hour, we're both still playing the game! What a lovely date, huh?


Anyway, can't wait for more!



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Ugh, we need to press Robb into getting phpbb 3 for multiquotes.


@ DBru, yep. I've been playing since it came out. It's very sporadic, but I do keep up with it. I mostly just keep tinkering on little projects here and there. In fact, I almost failed out of a semester of college when the original RCT came out.....to be young and stupid again.


@ Terrance. Keep in mind that I've been working on this over almost three years, and only one pavilion is what I'd almost consider complete. But he's right. I don't have a life.


@ Joe. On the contrary, my man.....on the contrary.


Updates will be sporadic. But I'll keep y'all updated. Thanks for the comments.

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This has got to be the most realistic recreation of a Disney park I have seen. I'm currently singing your praises and patiently awaiting every update with increased anticipation. I just want to know, are you shooting for a particular year in the park's past, or are you doing a current recreation just with certain rides as their older better selves? Good job and keep it up!

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Thanks guys. I was just working on it. Problem is, I'm at a point where there aren't any real photo worthy updates. Lots of toying with things to see if they look they way I want them. It's slow and somewhat boring.


All of the angles in Imagination are a pain, and I've yet to find any real good photos or videos of the interior to get it the way I'd like it to be. Sometimes I must tell myself, good is good enough.


As for the time period, I'm aiming for 1984. I've got lots of videos and pictures from that year. I can also avoid building The Living Seas if I need too. We'll see how lag is once I get the other five pavilions up and running.

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Last week, I took a little trip down to WDW. It was a vacation, but secretly it was a fact finding research mission as well. I needed more pictures of areas I just couldn't figure out.


So, since I've been back, I've almost finished the exterior of Imagination, and The Land. I've decided to back date this to 1982, so I can skip Horizons, and Living Seas, and focus on Energy, World of Motion, and the above mentioned pavilions. I can then add the other two if lag isn't bad, and be super nerdy time specific.


In the meantime, I present a small video of the work that's been done!



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Great what you had so far. I know it takes a lot of time to work on a park; I haven't had a chance to work on my park this week due to some shifting priorities... and learning how to use this 3D modeling program to make things I can't publish unless I put up an 18+ warning!


Anyway, are you just working on the exteriors or making any rides in the park?



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I am working on the rides as well. The Land is fully finctional with the Symbiosis movie, Living with the Land boat ride, and the Kitchen Kabaret show. I try to use rides that are similiar to their real life counterpart. For example, the Kari-oke show was used for Kitchen Kabaret. Spaceship Earth has the ride in it, I just haven't themed it yet.


3D modeling you say? Would you be interested in making some simple items for Custom Scenery????

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