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Photo TR: Secondary Characters Spontaneously Invade Florida!


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In the middle of last week, Tyler (CTU Agent), Robby (BamaRob21), and myself were chillaxin' in our apartment when we started to joke about taking advantage of our 4 day weekend to go to Florida. We're coming to realize, however, that anything we joke about is destined to happen (see our cross-country trek TR). So fifteen minutes later, we woke up Andrew (swimace) to inform him we would be showing up at his door step in three days and that it'd be wise for him to break any plans he might have. Afterall, we're that awesome.


So Friday after class, we checked out of Tuscaloosa and made our way down to Gainesville. We caught up with Erik Johnson at Steak 'n' Shake for dinner, crashed for the night, then woke up bright and early to head to Tamprica!


The day was a little on the chilly side, but we couldn't complain. Tamprica never disappoints. I'm going to let the pics and captions do the talking though. Enjoy! You don't want to miss the next update featuring the Old Town Resort and Dole Whip extravaganza!


We closed out the day with a little Sheikra love. A Pirates 4D night ride simply would have been too much. We can't spoil our evening at Old Town Resort!!!




Unfortunately, this is about as good of a picture as you can get of this ride.


Four visits and never a bad ride. Am I missing something?


Montu took the win in a closely contested race for best ride of the day. Had Katonga been considered a ride, it would have won in a landslide.


Members like Tyler help to ensure that TPR is properly represented out at the parks.


How is it possible for a coaster this good to still be far from the best in Florida?


Simply stunning!! I can't think of a better way to have spent 40 minutes at Busch Gardens!! So much better than drinking free beer in the hospitality house!


You mean it didn't change your life, Robby?


Katonga!!! Tyler even managed to get us front row seats. Fantastic!


My last free beer sample at Busch Gardens. And on a more troubling note, no amount of free beer can possibly prepare me for what I'm about to be subjected to...


It's a loooong way down.


This drop is straight sick for those fortunate enough to be in the back row. The shoulder bruising is worth it.


Sheikra finally decided to come out and play!!


Tyler just knew we were going to be heading to the classy Old Town Resort later in the night, so he decided to turn himself into a sex kitten in order to fit in to his surroundings.


I wish I could say this was a result of a lost bet...


16 years old and still kickin' more ass than any beemer made in the last 8.


Kumba **Through The Trees**


That is a true water ride enthusiast, folks.


It wasn't cold enough for the park to close the ride, but for whatever reason, it was cold enough for them to close the 25 cent water blasters. Dammit!!!


What moron would go on Congo River Rapids when it's 60 degrees outside? Wait, where's Robby...


He's less wet than I was when I got off the flippin' log flume!!


One of these things is not like the other.


"Hey guys!"





Tyler shields himself from the blast behind the plexiglass, but wait... where's Robby?


Seriously, it's not even 60 degrees outside. Why are they running the water rides!?!?


Don't get wet my ass. You can all trip and fall on a knife.


"Let's go do the log flume! You totally don't get wet!"


With the actual ride busted, we all contemplated purchasing this fine dvd of computer generated Sheikra footage for the reasonable price of $10.


Looks sweet, doesn't it? Too bad Sheikra doesn't want to play with us right now.


"4D, bitches!"


Time for Pirates 4D!!! Featuring the supreme acting skills of Leslie Nielsen!


Tyler and Robby had somehow never ridden Scorpion before this visit, so we made sure to fix that!


And where can I apply for that?


This is Tyler annoyed by the weak comedic attempts of our Rhino Rally driver. THAT'S how bad the dude was... even Tyler wasn't amused.


Look closely... that's right. Totally a credit.


"I do not endorse this attraction."


Somebody had the absolutely brilliant idea of checking out the all-star attraction that is Rhino Rally.


What the crap... Europe gets statues of half-naked ladies and we get baboons rockin' chubbies!?!?




Let's play a game called "What's Wrong With This Picture"...


This Egyptian chick is developing a sweet BIF.


The Secondary Characters (minus the man behind the camera) prepare themselves for what lies within King Tut's Tomb.


Train full of happy, cold riders.


Breathe it in, folks. You don't find awesome B&M custom inverts very often these days.


Word on the streets is that this ride actually has some forces and may even have a layout that required some imagination. Looks like a job for the Mythbusters!


Ah Montu... a relic from the time when Walter and Claude still had balls.


Flux Capacitors are now obsolete in Georgia. Just dial 511!


Sorry Goliath, we're on to bigger and better things.


That's right, ya'll. Alabama Adventure has an official car. Disney better watch themselves!

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HAHAHAHAHA, Scott this is so awesome! That had to be the best trip I've ever taken to BGA, mostly because we did both KaTonga and Pirates 4D! Also, what's with the complaining about the cold weather? We took ERT on Compounce's rapids ride at night in colder weather, 3/4 of us could handle a little Arrow log flume. You're from Indiana, man up with the cold weather!



p.s., Nice title to the thread. "Hello secondary characters!"

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Four visits and never a bad ride. Am I missing something?

Yes. The ability to feel pain.



As usual, Tyler creeps me the f out


You? Think about the guy who had to sit there and paint his face.



The secondary characters kick arse.



EDIT: Garden Ridge has a hyper now?

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After spending the day at BGT, we headed over to Kissimmee to whore out the Old Town Resort, where we were joined by none other than Bryan! It was truly a remarkable evening. Tyler met a girl, we discovered the #3 ranked haunted house in the nation, AND stuffed our faces with Dole Whip.


I'll let the pictures and captions tell the rest. The video from the night is below. Enjoy!


NOTE: The video is somewhat inappropriate and is PG-13.




The next update will be Universal Studios featuring Robby and Tyler as contestants in Fear Factor Live! Comeback to see if either of them won!


Bryan and I just stared in awe... awe over Tyler's ability to come up with most "WTF" questions, and awe that we are still sitting at the same table.


Such a serious question calls for serious debate, and it got pretty intense between Robby and Andrew.


"So if you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could take only one thing for either of the Universal or Disney parks, but it had to fit in a suitcase and could only cost $10, what would it be?"


"I tried to convince you guys to just spend the entire week at Disney!"


This stuff makes my taste buds dance AND it's non-dairy! Best $3 in Orlando!!


$3.08 for all you can eat Dole Whip makes everybody happy.


As much as it pained us to leave the Old Town Resort and sink to the Disney level, it was Dole Whip time!!!


Tyler felt the need to thank the kind lad for convincing us to pay the $12.50 to experiencing the #3 haunted house in the nation. And once Tyler told him that he was a post-op tranny sex kitten, he gave us directions to a fine club called the Savoy, instead of the Parliament House!


This kind gentleman lured us in to the Haunted Grimm House. After informing us that the "live dead people" in the house wouldn't touch us, I asked if he could change that to ensure a really good scaring. Instead, he gave me directions to the Parliament House and promised I would get a good touching there.


After dragging Tyler from his new found love, we discovered a gem of an attraction at Old Town Resort. Make no mistake folks, that isn't just ranked the #1 attraction in Kissimmee, but the #1 haunted house in Florida and #3 in the nation! What is number 1 and 2 you ask? They couldn't tell us, but they said it's #3 so it has to be true!


Once Tyler climaxed during the conversation, she finally started the ride. His ecstasy and adrenaline gave him D-1 athlete strength, allowing him to destroy Andrew in the Fun Spot (or is it Old Town?) Flippy Bicycle Thingy race.


See, look at that... a little one on one time! They've been chatting away for five minutes!! That's a new career high for Tyler!


I'm telling you, it was pure chemistry. There was some hardcore flirting and oggling going on.


Now believe it or not, the person barely visible in the left is actually a girl... a girl who is talking to Tyler and clearly wants him. She even dropped those three magical words:


"Youuuuu need theeeerapyyyyy!"


300 feet? Really? Either way, the Fun Spot (or is it Old Town) would have to pay me to do this thing.


Nothing creepy or abnormal about this at all. Nope.


"How are we not dead right now!?"


"I'm tellin' you, within the next five years this thing will have either derailed or been torn down."


... Which will BLOW YOU AWAY!!


Old Town (or is it Fun Spot) even has world class attractions such as the Wind Storm roller coaster...


Old Town even brings out post-op tranny sex kitten Tyler!


It's Bryan!!! Bryan wasn't about to miss out on all the fun at Old Town... or is it Fun Spot? Does anybody really know where one ends and the other begins?


Old Town is an entertainment and shopping hot spot that is home to classy establishments such as Knives & Things!!


Welcome to Old Town Resort. The finest attraction this side of I-4.

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This TR is a snoozefest. Needs more Bryan and Heather.


I agree with Bryan. This TR sucks on every level possible. Bryan, I say you forget Adam in exchange for Heather and have "The Bryan and Heather Show" and you two go around taking pictures and diagnosing people's psychiatric problems. It would be a hit!

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Bryan, did you ever hear that Heather came to our room later that night and she was going to make love to me but just stripped instead. I feel asleep.
Ha! I can't believe she actually did that! We talked about pulling that prank on you guys when I was making sweet love to her. I don't want to go into too many details, but it involved pedaling.
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Our next stop on the trip was Universal Orlando! We started out the day at Universal Studios where we were able to get a first hand look at Rockit construction. I had kind of lost some interest in this project until I saw the thing in and person and wow! I just can't get over how massive it's going to be!


Anyway, as you will find out in the photos, Robby and Tyler were picked to be on Fear Factor Live and we captured it all on video! Check it out and enjoy the pics! IOA is up next!




Jesus gives, so we're going to IOA!


Doc Brown clearly hasn't been to Metro Atlanta, otherwise he wouldn't be wasting his time on the flux capacitor.


I was a Twister virgin, so Robby made sure to change that. I can't lie, I actually liked the thing.


Rockit construction **THROUGH THE TREES**


Extremely Random One Car Madagascar Parade


Tyler made sure at lunch time that Robby knew there was no love lost.


Unfortunately, I don't really have any other good photos of the Fear Factor competition, so I guess you will just have to check out the video!


But to make a long story short, Robby won and Tyler got second!!


The "insect hat" filler stunt. %$... THAT. Why are the filler stunts worse than the stunts the contestants are doing!?


Tyler and Robby knocked one team out, one to go!


Poor Tyler must have to wiz pretty badly, seeing how hard he's trying to hold his vag shut.


Sweet Spandex, guys!


"My name is Robby. I'm from Tuscaloosa, AL. And I'm going to win Fear Factor Live because I'm extremely masculine and very strong and... yeah."


Because they are auditioning for Fear Factor Live!


Why are Robby and Tyler doing jumping jacks, you ask?


That is a mid-course brake, folks.


I remember thinking this park sucked. Theming could be better though.


We were fortunate enough to experience "B" mode Mummy this weekend!


Yes, it's as steep as it looks.


Universal fanboys reading this TR should be shooting blanks by now.


We probably stood around for a solid 10 minutes just gawking like nerds that are never getting laid.


This thing might be sweeter than I was expecting...


Look how slutty it is... it just stands there like a trick on the corner, taunting you to take a ride.


We opted to start the day off at Universal StudioooOOOO My GOD!! The ride is massive and the tallest parts haven't even been built yet!


There is nothing harder than walking away from IOA. We'll be back in a few hours though!


It's not the Old Town Resort, but we will have to make do.


Holy $&%#!!! Rockit is HUGE!!!


I share their excitement!

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