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Photo TR: Cedar Point!

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So I was at Cedar Point having lunch today and thought I would grab a few photos for you guys! Enjoy!



What a beauty!!


...Next Please...


*Gasp* I love this picture!!


Oh my... It's "That Ride."


I'm not sure why, but I really like this picture!


Oh it is so pretty!!


What is it about this ride?!


Getting closer to Dragster!!! *Gasp* YAY!


Ahhh! The best of both worlds!


This would make a nice background!

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LOLing at the hidden mickey. I'm not a fan of MF either. I mean it is swell and all but, I just feel for how big it is it could be so much more. & I guess I am a complete noob for this but I've been on Raptor twice & I never noticed how the pre-drop turn is almost right on top of Blue Streak, weird...


***edit: ahhh I looked up other pictures & I see now. That angle was playing tricks on me. Still cool how close it is though. /edit***

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While I like to look at amusement park photos during the off season, they do cause an unfortunate side effect to me: I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL I GO THERE THIS SUMMER!!!


So Cedar Point, spit, shine, and polish up those coasters cos when I hit Cedar Point this coming season, I want you make me HAPPY, not just or , but !!!

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