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JimmyBo and Family Cruise Over New Years

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^ See, folks? This is why it pays to read everything written in someone's trip report. They take the time putting it together for a reason.


This is the last of the updates and there will be a little game a couple hours after this update so stay tuned


My guess has been submitted, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Well ladies and gentlemen, we have TWO winners to announce!


First off, thanks to everyone who played in this little game.


First, I had another person PM me a guess on Jeff's height and they were correct so they get some of the prize money. CONGRATS to Anfronee for guessing that Jeff is 6' 11". That is the correct answer and for getting that right you $25! Anfronee, PM me your information and I will send you a check.


Second, the winner of the final round was Guy T. Koepp! Everyone got the answer to question #1 right which was Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation but Guy was the first one to guess the correct picture where there was a whale breaching in the background. I know it may not seem like one but according to my parents it was a whale and they tried to get more pictures of it.


I posted the picture below for a debate to follow.


For winning this game Guy you $50! That's right ladies and gentlemen...if you played in this game and got Jeff's height correct and the final questions correct you would have won $75. Sucks for everyone that didn't want to participate...maybe next time you should


Guy, PM me your info and I'll send you a check and a picture of my ass


Thanks everyone for playing...until next time.




Whale in the background behind my mom's head!

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Not only did I enter this last round less than an hour after it posted, and triple checked all the reports, I still totally missed that damn picture!


Now I know how everyone feels when they miss the find the ducky answers.


Congrats to the winners even though some of my other picks look more like a whale than that one lol.



Peace, Big Mike

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Damn right I am jealous lol


How do we know for a fact that the picture I chose did not have a whale in it too???


When I match them up, it looks like the same black blob!


I got ripped off dude!


Grrrrr, I hate losing!



Peace, Big Mike

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Maybe your picture did have a whale Mike, but remember...I said whoever PMed me first and Guy beat you to it with the correct answer. Sorry buddy.


Maybe I will give you the hookups of my VIP status when you visit the West Coast some time in the future to make up for it.

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I'll call shenanigans too then. I still say there's a whale in my pic too. lol



Jimmy, since you were interested, and don't mind a bit of thread hijacking, here's some that I'm pretty familiar with. If I ever find some of my personal pics of the interiors, maybe I'll post those too one day. Enjoy.


And then there's Paul Allen's (Microsoft, etc.) first megayacht. He had his own private recording studio on board, as well as a huge movie theater. And for the Trekkies out there, he bought the original captain's chair from the first Star Trek tv show, and had it installed in his next megayacht. I missed a flight on this chopper because I got caught up in stupid Ft. Lauderdale traffic! Grrr.


You can kind of make it out, but below the aft deck, on either side, there's a garage door where the portholes are. They lift up to reveal two beautiful 38' classic wooden tenders. The transom (back end of the yacht) also folds out for skeet shooting, and has a nice wet bar back there too.


Anyone who's ever bought anything from Victoria's Secret helped build this bad boy. The captain told me it cost about 50 million. The owner, Leslie Wexner, is super secretive. He would disembark by tender before the yacht would come into port. Also, the yacht's interior has never been photographed (although I tried), and the entire deck has a super sensitive touch-activated alarm system. If you step onboard univited at night, you're toast.


My personal favorite. "Limitless" a 315' monster. Yep, that's longer than a football field! The crew quarters on this thing are probably nicer than most of our homes.


Octopussy. The name alone makes this yacht kiss a$$. At the time I was around it, it was the fastest megayacht on the planet. A 143' bada$$ that could do 40 knots and throw up a 20 foot rooster tail. Seeing this thing haul off the coast was frickin' awesome. When they cranked up the engines at the dock, they warned any smaller vessel behind them to secure themselves to the dock, or be blown away. Three jet engines will do that.


This yacht's name was IZANAMI. Spell that backwards and break it into 3 words. The owner was German, and the crew was all blondeheaded with blue/green eyes. I'm NOT making that up, either.


This one was featured in the movie Strip Tease with Demi Moore (it was named "Big Sugar" in the movie). By 1999's prices, a week with 11 of your closest friends would run you about $80,000.


This was known around the yachting community of South Florida as the "permanent party cruise." It *might* have something to do with the former captain's drug problem, but I can't be too sure.


The captain of this one presented me with an opportunity two months before my wedding: ship out with us to stay in Monaco for a year...or get married. I chose the latter. And no, don't regret it.

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Hey, I see a whale in the top right corner of that picture!


It is even clearer than the whale picture you won with



I have NEVER seen a "Double Shenanigans" before!



Peace, Big Mike

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^I think we have a sore loser on our hands.


BeemerBuddy, those are some awesome pictures. We saw tons of yachts in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta that were huge and looked really expensive. One day maybe I can own a yacht and take all the non-sore losers out for the day.


Big Mike remember this...you don't need to win any of my prizes because you were the first person I sat next to on the bus on the very first TPR trip so you should be happy enough with that...I know I am!


Jimmy "that last sentence was corny but true" Bo

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  • 3 months later...
This past December was my parents 30th anniversary so they decided to take all their "kids" on a Mexican Riviera Cruise. The stops were in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta with 3 freakin days at sea. I am not a fan with days at sea since this cruise ship wasn't really that big and there wasn't much to do after the first day at sea. I got a new camera for Christmas since my other one decided to crap out on me at Cedar Point earlier this year. Most of these pictures are me getting use to the new settings on my camera. Enjoy


Boarding the Ship and Day 1

After finding out from Cassie's parents that it snowed earlier in Tucson we headed to the ship to head to paradise. My mom always likes to get to the ship earlier so we can check it out before all the huge crowds of old people show up and slow everything down.


On to the pictures for more of the story...



Hello, I must admit that I was really entertained by the pictures you posted here. I wish I could experience an awesome cruise just like you and your family had. I really love traveling that's why I keep on reading different information about cruises, hotels, resorts, restaurants and shopping malls and botiques. You may want to share with me and with other travlers your other travel experiences in other Cities of Mexico. I would love to hear again from you. Thanks.

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