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The Southend Swine (what a name!) whatever happened to it?

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It sounds like the kind of idea I'd sketch in my school books in primary school. "Two hundred feet over WATER! Then nine loops! Wooo! Reeeow!" I'd still love to see something like this built, but it really does seem a bit far-fetched. Saying that, I'm not exactly a rollercoaster engineer so I'm probably completely wrong. :/

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They've been "planning" to build a coaster on the pier for years and years, but it's never going to happen for a few reasons:

1) It's SOUTHEND. I.e-Absolute dump. I.e-It will get vandalised as soon as it's built.


2) The pier burns down every 15 years (or less) or so anyway.


3) Nobody wants to actually visit Southend, on the basis of it being Southend.

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It is certainly an ambitious project I'll give them that.


The ride itself looks like a cross between a B&M and an arrow multilooper. Seems like something that large over the sea would surely not be a smart move. What with the salt water, the immense size of the supports that would surely have to be on the sea bed, the weather out at sea... it all seems a bit too over the top and would surely cost far too much! It certainly puts to death the thought that they'd settle for a little pinfari looper lol


And with Adventure Island down the road, do they really need something like that? Hmm.

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I live about 20 minutes from Southend and this project will never happen.


The main problem is that they have never been able to get the money, also there would have to be a lot more than a roller coaster up there to get people to travel up there. They have looked into getting a really nice restaurant up there with a top chef. adventure Island have put a proposal forward for taking over operation of the pier but nothing has got past the council.


Its a nice idea but its just not econmically viable also its pretty windy and cold up there.


To the person that said Southend is a dump, it really isn't that bad anymore the council has spent a lot of money on the town and the high street, it now has a huge university and two shopping centres. Adventure Island is a very succesful little family theme park where they build a lot of there own rides. Its no Brighton but its not that bad.

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