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Sega Repblic at Dubai Mall (Now with construction photos)

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((Scroll down to post 7 for construction pics.))

Sega Republic is an indoor entertainment centre being developed at Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world.

They will have a spinning coaster and a drop tower amongst lots of other attractions. This is based on Sega Joypolis in Tokyo.

I am told the coaster is on site. I will hopefully get a backstage tour of the site on Sunday so can update then.

In the meantime here are the photos I have so far.


Nothing really to see here. It is a row of retail outlets.

More to come soon.


Oh Look, That door is open!





The lighting make it very difficult to get photos of the artists impressions.


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First of all I have to say a huge thank you to the very kind gentleman who gave me a tour round the site.

First impressions of the Sega Republic sit are the sheer size o0f the place. Although only 2 floors, this place is huge. They have rides on both floors and a drop ride that covers both. Besides the usual big Sega arcade machines they have a half pipe like the one in Tokyo and a rather large coaster.

The coaster is spinning and will feature a large dark section with special effects as well.

The coaster itself looks huge. Easily the biggest I have seen in Dubai. The two things you need to know are that the black track will be in the dark and the orange track will come out into the main theme park. Also, none of the theming has been put in place yet, From the samples on site it looks like it will be very well themed.

Enjoy the photos.


The area on the top left will be in dark


Lets start with a look at the Spin Gear Model


It seems like the theming will be amazing.






The cars are even on the track


Lift Hill








The Dark Section







here is the outdoor section


OK, enough teasing, lets head upstairs to see Spin-gear


Here is the drop tower.


This entire structure hoses Sega, Kidzania and a huge cinema



As you enter you can see the escalators to the second level


Lets visit the site


This is the outdoor section



this is the dark section and loading station

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I have heard that there were problems with it, however most projects in Dubai seem to be having problems at the moment.


When I went there was no one working on the site and I was told that Sega were removing their men from the site. I do not know what is happening now but will see if I can find out and let you know.

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I was doing some googling about this since I'm going to be passing through Dubai in a months time, and I turned up a bunch of recent news articles (23/06) claiming the park will open 'within weeks'.






I really do hope they can gun for the original opening date (Or close too it)...I never had the chance to visit Sega World in Sydney before it closed, and this looks like a fun little park.

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I was doing some googling about this since I'm going to be passing through Dubai in a months time, and I turned up a bunch of recent news articles (23/06) claiming the park will open 'within weeks'.


Thanks for this. I'm just doing the same as I will be in Dubai in 3 weeks time, doesn't seem a lot to do at the moment, and would be great if Sega Republic was open. Otherwise its a trip to the Snowdome and a few hours at Atlantis waterpark (although at £40 for entry I may give that a miss).


If you have discovered anything else worthwhile can you send me an IM (so we don't discuss other things in this thread) - thanks

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Just an update.

When I was in Dubai I went to the Dubai Mall...It wasn't open, but there was a preview center, which consisted of a roped off area where you could play on a few arcade machines and go on a small simulator for 4 Dirhams (1.10 USD)...I didn't bother with it since I wanted to see the fountain show, but I did grab this flyer for it:


It got scrunched up in my pocket...

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I'm deeply sorry to bring this old thread up again. This is my first post and I wasn't sure where else to put my question:


Is there already an opening date for Sega Republic in the Dubai Mall? I'm going to be there on August 31st and would love if it was already open.



To make up for my bad behavior I share with you some photos from my first visit to Dubai (including many parks) from June 2009. I've been there only for a day during my travel to China.



(Sorry the text is only in German, but enjoy the pics)


This fall when I'm back home from all my trips, I'm going to write proper trip reports about the Chinese parks and upload them here on TPR!

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Holy **** the spinning coaster is themed to sonic? I used to love sonic, and it was totally one of the best sidescrollers for the sega and the gamecube one was pretty bad ass. Then they needed to add a psychic hedgehog and a black hedgehog with a gun. But, the fact that it will be well themed will be bad ass, but from what I've heard, spin bullet(the spinner at the other sega park) is very painful, is it the same builder?

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Today was the first day of opening of the new Sega Republic indoor park in Dubai mall.

Basically its a video themed park but has a spinning coaster named Spin Gear and a skateboard ride that consists of you being mounted with a harness on an oversized board that spins when you move your feet and moves up and down a ramp at 45 degrees (good fun).

There are two simulator virtual on ride experiences through a jungle setting seated in a moving vehicle and an excellent drivng simulator that actually seats the passengers in actual full size cars (you drive the cars looking at a giant screen).

The best simulator is called storm force G which you control while following a bob sled track (virtual) you race against a computer generated screen through loops and turns as you turn upside down on the screen so does the sled you are in.

The security stopped me taking more pictures as this was the first day and things were not quite ready.

Best in Dubai at present but wouldnt like to see it when its busy there is no space for queue lines.


Storm G


Skateboard ride


Spinning Coaster tracks

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