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Photo TR: Gatorland! 1/09

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Gatorland was offering a great price of 9.99 for Florida Residents for the past few weeks, so we decided to take advantage and visit one of the "Other" Orlando theme parks. Overall we had a great time and I would recommend it if you are looking for something different to do for a 1/2 day. They have improved the overall theming, shows and exhibits since I last visited about 8 years ago. They now have more of a cohesive "old florida" theme.


Anyway... on to the photos!


This crazy big bird was following Stacey and pecking at her since it realized she had hot dogs!


The pretty flamingos stay away from the gators. Most of the birds have no fear of humans.


We rode the train later in the day, but this is the old train tracks and station that used to go over the water!


The gator jumparoo is the big show where raw chicken is dangled over the water and the gators jump out to grab it. It's very impressive!


And I shall call him "Stumpy"!


We had little luck throughout the park getting the big gators to eat the dogs - they tried but the birds got them first.


You have to throw it right next to their eyes or they will not see it and one of these crazy birds will sweep down and eat it.


One of the fun things you can do is buy hotdogs to feed the gators with.


The also have parrots throughout the park and a lorikeet feeding exhibit.


This is also the largest gator EVER. It is very scary and the only one in a full glass enclosure.


There is also a "Snakes of Florida" exhibit that shows all of the poisonous snakes in Florida and how to recognize them.


Gator Orgy! There are both water enclosures with gators throughout the park and also some natural habitats.


OK - we have our map and our gatorland wristband... we are good to go!


Signature Shot!

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More photos of reptiles? Sure!


The back of the park is beautiful and natural with an overlook tower and lots of boardwalks (and more gators!)


I will leave you with a photo of this sign at the facepainting booth.. Stay classy gatorland!


They also have a really cute and well done water play area.


This is a picture of the old train - the new train is a $2 upcharge and not really worth it unless you are a train enthusiast!


You can't forget the GATOR WRESTLING show!


They have these really cool molded plastic machines from the 60's - here is Stacey holding hers up to dry..


I finally convinced Stacey to try them.. Not her favorite thing :)


They really are not too bad and they do taste like chicken!


What visit to Gatorland is complete without trying some gator nuggets and gator ribs.


They also have a close up scary creature show with things like tarantulas and snakes.


Random cute photo time!


Look Ma - I can ride this here gator!

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OMG! That photo TR was AWESOME!!!!


I still think it's funny they serve gators as food at Gatorland. It would be like eating whale at Sea World!




I guess that's why we don't see any Sea World parks opening in Japan


I'm glad they've recovered from that big fire they had, it is like a timeless Florida landmark.

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Well i have always wondered what gatorland was like i've passed it many times but never stopped i think i will have to stop next time i'm down that way great trip report...Also HI everyone this is my very first post eva!!!..i have been a member for ALONG time but never posted so i just want to say hello to everyone and introduce myself i'm casey allen i live in south Louisiana i'm a member of ACE but also a huge TPR fan so yeah anyways again great trip report

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I went to one of those places in the Everglades in 2004, where they take you out on an airboat as well and the guy did the thing with his chin and the alligator.


I'm glad they don't have an employee exchange program with Australia because our crocodiles wouldn't cop the holding their mouth open with your chin, your head would be in the belly real quick.

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They also have a really cute and well done water play area.


The gators must really enjoy this.


There was a restaurant in Colfax, Calif. (a town in the Sierra Nevada mountains) that used to feature "gator steaks" every Wednesday. The joint was called Dirty Dingus McGee's.

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OMG those Wax molding machines! They used to have them all over the L.A. Zoo but then they dissapeared! I loved those things. I used to have everything imaginable. I just loved them because the smell it makes and how the sculpute smells afterwards(I know, I'm pretty weird like that)!

That place looks really cute though. That water play area looks really fun!


What a great little place to just stop by with your family and be like "Kids, if you don't shut up the rest of the trip, on the way back you'll be the one dangling over water for the gators to jump at!" JK


Thanks for the TR!

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That was amazing. Anything involving gators rules. And I've eaten gator in the past, and while it wasn't bad, it certainly wasn't something I'd go out of my way to get. Though that they serve gator at Gatorland is all sorts of awesome. I guess you know what happens to gators that don't perform well in the shows...



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Awesome report. I remember each time while riding to Disney as kids, our parents would threaten to drop us off at Gatorland if we didn't behave. lol


Oh, and see, Cypress Gardens? It doesn't take a crapload of weak rides to keep a Central Florida institution alive and kickin'! Just scare people with otherwise lazy animals who look fearsome.

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Nice report!


However, I think that I would have to side with Stacey on the gator meat. I only tried gator once (gator tail as an appetizer) and it was not all that good. Seemed as if it had a really funky aftertaste - kinda like if I took a bite off a chicken leg and then chased it down with a glass of pond water!

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They really are not too bad and they do taste like chicken!


i remember my wife didn´t talk to me for half of the day (...am i lucky, or what?! ) when i tried the gator-ribs during our trip last year, but she´s allowed to wear some prada-gucci-d&g-whatever...-gatorskin bags or shoes and that´s ok....

anyway, i liked them to, they have a good taste!


great tr and nice pics, thanks for sharing!

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