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Crime in LA

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Hi everyone,


I know, my topic has nothing to do with coasters, but nevertheless I have a question to the american forum visitors, especially the ones from LA or San Francisco. Me and my wife are planning a 3-week-trip (and yes - were're looking foreward to ride the coasters at Knotts and SFMM ) in the west of the US. My question is: Are there so called "no-go-areas" (especially for tourists) in LA or Frisco? We'll stay in Beverly Hills in LA and near Civic Center in Frisco. Are this problematic districts?


thank you in advance and keep on riding



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I wouldn't go into downtown L.A. unless you really "HAVE" to. I mean, the areas around the Staple Center and stuff for example are kind of dodgy, although you most likely will be fine, I just wouldn't go there unless you had a specific reason (a game, concert, etc)


Stay clear of South Central LA and Compton. But from what it sounds like you won't be going anywhere near those areas. Otherwise every other place (Orange County, Beverly Hills, The Valley, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, etc) for the most part are just fine.


I'd stay away from Oakland in the bay area.


Hope this helps!



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Beverly Hills is okay.


The surrounding areas of West Hollywood, Westwood and Santa Monica are also okay.


The general rule about SoCal is there are nice area's, but sometimes you have to go through crap to get there. Avoid Downtown LA and the area around USC. Avoid Watts and Compton as well.


Most area's around the parks are not too bad. Buena Park, Anaheim, Valencia, Universal City, etc.


If you are planning to go into Hollywood itself, I suggest going during the day. The area get's a bit questionable at night. It also depends on who you are traveling with.


Post what hotels you are staying at and we can look at the areas around those hotels to avoid.


General rule, if it looks bad, it's bad.


EDIT: Looks like Robb beat me to it.

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For the most part if you stay in the more tourist attraction areas, you'll be fine. Sure there are more pick pocketers there, but there are more tourists. Most areas around SF are ok from what I've experienced. The South Bay Area is pretty good, just have to stay in good areas in Oakland, North Bay is good too. In SF I'd say stick to the northern side or be in your car.

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