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Great Adventures Big Wheel saying good bye?????

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I was just checking out flying phils web site and came across photos that show that the park is taking down the Big Wheel. They seem to be taking care with the ride so I am hoping that it maybe it is coming down for some much needed painting and repair but with the many changes in the past that the park has had it could be that they are removing it to make room for "vacant lot . . . . the ride". Here is the link www.flyinphilsphotos.com/amusements2.html

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Not counting kiddie flats, Jolly Roger (Zamperla Regatta) and Twister (Top Spin), Houdini also but it is SBNO. If you factor in Medusa, BBLTT and Road Runer Railway that is a total of 5 operating rides left from the 25 added in 1999.


It is horrible, and combined with the Old Country area closed in 2008 alone I think 8 rides were either removed or SBNO, the balance of rides is horrible. It is almost all kiddie rides and coasters. It is still my favorite park to visit because of the coasters but some new flats and family rides really need to be added. Unfortunately, someone was at the Jackson planning meeting and no new rides are being added for 2009.


Here is the current flat/non coaster ride list in the park:

Carousel (in horrible shape)

Tea Cups


Jolly Roger


Parachutes (usually 1 or 2 out of 8 operating)

Motion Simulator

Rockin Tug

Rapids (only open Memorial Day - Labor Day)

Log Flume (same as rapids)


Houdini, Bumper Cars, Music Express all SBNO


For a park the size of Great Adventure, that is a really small list

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If they are indeed removing it, I think it would make more since to remove the queues first so you can get that crane right up there. Seeing hte queue rails still there leads me to think it's more of a "really thorough" rehab. I'll reserve any more judgement until I see more pics/confirmation from the park.


~Whatever happened to just a good old Ferris Wheel?!?

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It's actually receiving a nice refurbishment which it needed desperately.

That's good to hear if that's the case. That's a REALLY extensive rehab!


Then again, SFMM has completely taken down a flat ride and re-built it also, just kind of odd to see a ride that size go through the same refurbishment.

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