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The Fast Food thread


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^ They actually have one sugar free flavor, but I don't care for coffee anyway.


A few of the fast food places are trying to come up with Southern Style Chicken Sandwiches. Most aren't bad, but not as good as the one at Chick-Fil-A.



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I might have posted this before but if you are around Knott's Berry Farm, Philly's Best and Portillo's are a must!






Chicago or Philly... Both are great! Sorry Cedar Fair, but I have never eaten food inside your park because of these two restaurants!

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I hate Americanization of "Fast Food". There are great food options that can obtained/consumed fairly quickly. I'm all about good food, fast. Not just fast food.


One of my favorites things about NYC are the Delis. There is nothing like a fresh Deli sandwich. Absolutely kills, slaughters, devours, regurgitates, and p*wns Subway. I'm not even considering the bile that is McDonalds, Burger King, etc. These "restaurants" have killed the way many Americans view food. The thought of consuming a "Big Mac" should never cross one's mind. I wouldn't even subject me dog to such filth.


I seriously just don't understand how people could pass up a big, MR, juicy, high-quality burger for McDonalds. Every time I see someone "squish" down a "patty" with a spatula I cringe. It doesn't make it cook faster, it just lets all the juices out.


The most important thing in life? Quality.

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It looks like somebody needs a Big Mac with fries!


I had Subway for the second time in two weeks (which is a real treat considering my health nut parents) and it was delicious. I had one of those $5 Footlongs with bacon, provalone, and a ton of other stuff! Subway's quickly becoming one of my favorite places to eat.

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I never thought of KFC as ghetto, but I often get the runs after eating there. What's in their food anyway?


Being the fast food junkie that I am, I go to all of them except Subway (don't care for deli sandwiches). My favorites, however, in no particular order, are In-N-Out, Carl's Jr., and Del Taco.




Whoa. You don't like Subway? You should at least add something fast-food oriented, that is somewhat healthy, healthier to a degree.


On a side note, I'm a big time fast food eater. I don't go a week without eating out.


My favorites: Subway and Del Taco.

I did enjoy Carls Jr, but when I ordered a chicken sandwich and as soon as I unwrapped the sandwich, a fly flew out...I never ate there again. It's pretty stupid for me to predicate my action on a mere fly, when in reality, I know that there's probably flies flying around touching food in a given Del Taco, etc, but that's just something I don't see when I munch down a good burrito, burger, etc.



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^ I have no problem with Subway, per se, but I don't care for deli sandwiches no matter where they come from. Just a personal taste, maybe, but I don't care for cold meat, mustard, mayo, etc. I know you can get hot sandwiches there, but too much meat isn't so good for me.



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^The odd thing about Panera is the worst thing they sell is their bread. Better make sure your dental plan is current, because Panera's bread is hard as a rock and liable to chip your teeth. Yes, it's actually a pretty good place other than the stale bread they name themselves after.


Apropos the burger discussion in the China thread:


I still think In-n-Out easily beats Five Guys. While Five Guys easily beats Fatburger, I was slightly disappointed in their product. They make a pretty solid burger to order, but I prefer the classic California burger that is more finely ground, loosely packed, and with the thousand island dressing.


Also, Five Guys *really* needs to stop using foil to wrap their burgers as it gives them a distinct metallic taste. Not sure why they haven't figured that out. Also, I think In-n-Out makes better fries than Five Guys. And Five Guys loses major points for not selling shakes.


Anyway, I know of a few local burger joints that put all these fast food places to shame. And I can make a better burger at home anyway using a food processor, two kinds of beef, and homemade dressing.


But I do really like these higher end fast food burger places. Even third string Fatburger. It's quite nice to pay someone else to do the work.

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^You see, my problem with In-n-Out is that although I like their burgers, I absolutely hate 1,000 Island dressing (always order it without). I much prefer the Five Guys approach where they build your burger to order.


In-n-Out's fires are great, though.

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^See, I got this recipe out of Cooks Illustrated for homemade California drive-in burgers and it includes an easy 1000 island dressing recipe. I think making it fresh makes a difference as In-n-Out's dressing is fairly watery and bland. But if you're not into the dressing, then it's not going to work for you.


I'm currently stuck making everything at home as I've moved to a new town with no Five Guys and I haven't found the good local places yet either.


In-n-Out will never come this far east.


Strangely, we have a Del Taco. I had no idea they were in Ohio until very recently.

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Being a so cal boy, I must say that I've been bred to love In-N-Out, it's one of those places that you go with your friends to after a day of school, and eat a freaking delicious meal. Though if anyone's familiar, the best fast food burger meal in LA goes to none other than Marty's: Home of the combo!

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My absolute favorite is Subway. I get a Spicy Italian, preferably on Italian Herbs & Cheese, with cheese, olives, oil & vinegar. It's perfect!


At every other restaurant I just order what I like and ignore the rest. I would guess that my least favorite is McDonald's, but I still like them.


At every place I am willing to get a cheeseburger or bacon cheeseburger, but these are my stand-out favorites at each place:


McDonald's: Egg McMuffin, Pancake Breakfast, chicken nuggets w/BBQ sauce, McFlurry

Burger King: Hershey Sundae Pie or Cookie Dough Pie

Dairy Queen: Cookie Dough Blizzard or another Blizzard

Wendy's: plain chocolate Frosty

Burgerville: Chocolate shake or seasonal shake, strawberry shortcake

Jack in the Box: Strawberry banana smoothie, Oreo shake, Sourdough Jack

Carl's Junior: Chicken Stars for light meals, Western Bacon Cheeseburger and shake the rest of the time!

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