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The Fast Food thread

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Its a hobby of mine while traveling to visit fast food places that we dont have around here. That's how I fell in love with Baker's (San Bernardino County, CA)...the spicy ketchup owns you!

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I would say Dairy Queen is my favorite because their Blizzards are AMAZING, but the closed the ONLY FREAKING ONE in Elk Grove to become a Starbucks. When there's one across the freaking street. And I can't figure out 5 other great fast food restaurants.


EDIT: 900th Post, baby!

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My favorite hands down is Chipotle!! I could eat there every day!! I love their flavors and I love their foot quality!!!

As for fast food/drive thru type place.. I will always be a McDonalds girl!!! My favorite food still is a Hamburger Happy Meal with a sweet tea!!! Just enough to satisfy!!!!!

White Castle/Crystlas is my least favorite with a score of negative ten million!!!!

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Hmm...my favs are:

Burger King





What I like, but don't go often:

Gutheries (its a Tally thing)




Taco Bell



Dont really care for:

Zaxby's (food too expensive)

Mc Donalds (only for breakfast and snack wraps)

Churches (chicken too damn greasy and fatty)

Panda Express (blech!)

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LOVE these places mainly b/c they have vegetarian choices:


1. Green Burrito (but I cant be around anybody b/c it makes me gasy *ew*)


2. Waffle House, not sure if this counts..the service is fast enough.


3. Del Taco (refer to #1 comment)


4. Taco Bell



HATE b/c of the lack of veggie choices:


1. McDonalds...meat products in the french fries *yuk*


2. Arby's


3. Wendy's


4. Anyplace that serves just fried chicken or chicken products.

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I work at A&W, so call me biased, but it's my #1 pick. Glad to hear it makes a good few of your other lists, too!


2. If Steak n' Shake actually counted... definitely.


3. Eh, McD's will always hold a special place in my heart, but I've only eaten there thrice since I started at A&W in October.


4. Culver's. I've only eaten there three times EVER, but there's only one around here, and it's a 1.5 hour drive across the border. But good God, Butterburgers and frozen custard > life.


Never cared much for Taco Bell because Mexican food never cared much for me. Not to mention spicy food... Robb's hot wings would send my stomach into five dimensions of hell.

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Heres my (Dr. Suess) rap explaining how I feel....


Panda express is number one

Ding the orange chicky is done

McDonalds is always number two

Even though there quality is just like poo

Check-check-Checkers is number three

While eating there food I like to yell wee!


Here is my second (Dr. Suess) rap explaining my HATE for some fast food


KFC and Taco Bell

You suck go burn in hell

Wendys you suck too

Id rather eat some poo

Word to your mother G!

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I don't consider pizza/Mexican/Chinese fast food. Here's really all I can remember eating at from best to worst.


1 Bo Jangles

2 Hardees

3 Roy Rogers


5 Poppeye's

6 Chick Fil-A


8 Taco Bell

9 Sonic Drive In

10 Burger King

11 Calloway's

12 Wendy's

13 Arby's

14 McDonald's


I'll take anything but Arby's and McDonald's!! BoJangles may be greasy, but their fry seasoning is heaven on earth.

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I'm a fan of quite a lot of fast food establishments. I actually gave it up for Lent because I had too much of it! I'm a fan of:


Burger King




Taco Bell

Dairy Queen


Krispy Kreme (fast doughnuts count too!)

Weinerschnitzel (not many, but worth a stop when I see one)


One's I think are 'ok':


Churches (only been to one in Texas)

Jack in the Box


Hardees/Carl's Jr.


There aren't any that I really dislike, but that's all I have for now.


"Don't you b touchin' my chikin fingas!" (Not me, one of my friends)

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^ LOL at the guy behind you. He looks like he's thinking, "Now you put that camera away...I don't want no one watching me chomp down my Whopper!"



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Ask anyone that knows me personally, and they'll tell you I'm a huge In-N-Out fanatic. They make my burgers just how I like it. Their 'animal-style fries' are always a must when I go. Sometimes I'll go on the In-N-Out diet and eat it every day of the week. Thank god for my ridiculously good metabolism!


Chick-Fil-A and Jack in the Box are close runners up, though. Chick-Fil-A's waffle fries are to die for and nothing (except an In-N-Out burger) beats Jack in the Box's 2 tacos for $1 deal.

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They have the best fries in the world!


Personally I think Wendy's is VILE, aside from their homestyle chicken strips.


Oh, but McDonalds in Canada [the US's is different, seriously!] has the most AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS barbecue sauce in the WORLD. And the McDonalds in Canada has no meat products in their fries.

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