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List the parks you have visited in 2009

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New year, new topic.


Keep track of the parks you have visited in 2009 and post your list in this topic.


My list so far is as follows :


Total 2009 : 0 different parks = 0 parkvisits

(Total 2004 --> 2009 : 69 different parks = 183 parkvisits)


TPR TIP! If you click the post icon: and book mark that link, you can easily come back to your post and update your list!

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^ Oh , I may have been in the control tower, a lot of the times I'm put up there because I have a lot more enthusiasm about my work than some of the other cast. I'm either in the tower or at one of the two dispatch positions, you'll almost never find me working in the queue as long as I have any say on where I'm stationed for the day.

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My list so far is as follows :


5/23 : Toverland

6/5 : Sinksenfoor


Total 2009 : 2 different parks = 2 parkvisits

(Total 2004 --> 2009 : 70 different parks = 185 parkvisits)


My real season is starting only in August. Between August & early November I have still some 25 parks on the agenda

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2009 so far:


Disneyland Paris x 1

Walt Disney Studios Paris x 1


2009 Parks - 2

2009 Visits - 2


Unfortunately due to the economic problems, it's not likely that other parks will be visited this season, however if I am able, I will try to visit Thorpe Park, Chessington WoA and Adventure Island, Southend.

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Six Flags America

Kings Dominion

Busch Gardens Europe

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Holiday World

Kings Island

Cedar Point


I have a trip to Orlando next week but I may not be able to make it. Thank goodness I didn't do the advance rate on the hotel.

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So far, I've been to:


Sea World Orlando,

Busch Gardens Tampa,

Universal Studios Florida,

Islands of Adventure,

Disney's Animal Kingdom,

Disney's Hollywood Studios,


Magic Kingdom,


Grona Lund,

Tivoli Gardens,

Legoland Windsor, and

Thorpe Park

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Bush Gardens Europe x4

Ocean City MD (Trimpers & Jolly Rogers)

Hershey Park x2

Dutch Wonderland


Came so close to visiting Knobels on my PA trip, but the weather just wouldn't agree. Of course, the weather did turn my one day trip to Hershey into a 2 day trip - so I got to do a lot more.

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As of 06/19/09:


SWO- x3

BGT- x2

IOA- x2

USF- x2


Wild Adventures


Martin's Fantasy Island


Darien Lake


Cedar Point- x2


The parks I have planned the rest of the year are as follows.


...SFDK, CGA, Gilroy Gardens, Santa Cruz , SWO, IOA, USF, and BGT.

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