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Shopping Roller Coaster in China

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So a friend of mine insisted that there is a 'Shopping Roller Coaster' in Japan where you can shop right from the coaster. I didnt believe him, however a google search showed some leads. Its in China:


LINK: http://retailtrafficmag.com/mag/retail_roller_coaster_shopping/


A supermarket in China has installed tracks on all five of its floors. Shoppers sit for the ride and can grab the items they want along the way. According to the video, the developers are hoping the idea catches on elsewhere. The major drawback, however, is that if you miss something, you have to go back and do the whole thing again from the beginning.


Does anybody know more about this? Cant seem to find anything here or at RCDB...seems 'interesting' to say the least...



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I remember hearing about this a while back and seeing it on TV. I believe I saw it on CNN.


I don't think this is an actual coaster because from what I remember, its more of an "dark ride" type of track layout (an example is trains and track similar to what you see at Magic Kingdom rides such as Winnie the Pooh and Snow White). There are no hills or drops, just going around the aisle to pick up what you need. This would explain why you can't find in on RCDB.

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I've actually "shopped" there before. Was unique, but definitely a bit pressure packed if you were really doing your weekly shopping. Was cool, but seemed like a pure gimmick rather than some sort of wave of the future.


They've had some maintenance issues with the ride, and when I left China there was talk of either the store closing or a possilbe rehab (already).

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