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What park & coaster will open your 2009 Coaster Season?

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For me, it is obvious - KINGS DOMINION!!!


Two reasons: 1) it's my favorite park and 2) I need to be there to process my Cedar Fair Platinum Pass so I can travel to all the other Cedar Fair parks (two of them I never been to before).


After I get my pass processed and I'm all good for the 2009 season, I will then head inside the park and ride my first coaster of the season THE DOMINATOR!!!


I miss the Dominator! It use to be 30 minutes away from me now it's 8 hours away! I have to go to Cedar Point to process my platinum pass and they don't open until May 16th. I could get my pass in April but I don't want to drive 2 hours away and not get to ride any coasters!

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I guess my first coaster of 2009 will be Revolution. It's on the morning ERT for WCB, and since it's on the way up the hill anyway, I may as well stop in and give it some love. Yeah, the restraints are all kinds of funky and redundant, but I still enjoy the ride.

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This has actually been an interesting 2009 for me!


We were at Disney World for the first three days in January...but we didn't ride a single coaster!


I've been to Magic Mountain almost every weekend now since early January...but I actually don't think I've ridden a single coaster there yet this year either!


I think my first coaster ride of the season wasn't until we went BACK to Disney World in Feb and I rode Space Mountain.


--Robb "Does this make me a BAD coaster enthusiast?" Alvey

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Well I have already had a few trips this year on my Merlin Annual Pass.


- London Dungeons - Traitors Boat Ride (SUCKS) & Extremis Drop Tower

- London Eye

- London Aquarium (No rides but plenty of fish)

- Thorpe Park for media day and opening day


So I guess the first ride for me was the super suckage of the boat ride at the Dungeons. First park was Thorpe Park which included my first coaster of the year and also a new credit for me which was of course Saw The Ride.

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