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[RCT3] Custom Scenery Links and Requests

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I got a new computer and all of my CS is gone what I need is some supports, trees, water fountains and rocks. Now I got all these things from vodhin ( R.I.P) but since its closed I cant find anything ..please help !! EDIT: how do you take pictures of your parks and share them ????


Press F10 on your computer to take pictures and to find them, tell me what computer you have.


EDIT: Ok, if there is a Pictures file, go there and click on RCT3 to access all of your pictures.

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I'm trying to find some good support blockers to use so I can use custom supports for coasters. The ones I found leave a shadow where they sit. Where can I find support blockers that are invisible and don't leave a shadow?


You can also use the in game rocks, and sink them underground.

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^RCTDataBase is a pretty good site with a lot of scenery.


Shyguy is also compiling a site with a section that has almost every CSO with download links.


Those are the two I use the most. If I need one specific set, I just Google it.


I have a ton of the Vodhin stuff at home on my external drive. If you figure out what you need. Let me know. I can email you a zip.

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^Moby's Steel Jungle is one of the best support sets I've used. Takes a bit to get used to, but it's a versatile set.

Someone sent me that one and it's really confusing!

Complexity is a necessary evil with some of these sets; depending on the ride, the supports can't just cookie cutter style supports. Because it's all individual bars and flanges, it allows for more creative support styles; you just have to learn how to get over the weirdness of the set before you'll see the great things it allows for.

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I am hoping that someone can help me find the following CSO items:


Cap n' pogo's Blacklights



I have looked all over and cannot find them. I know that they are older sets.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!



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It's usually a custom path (Old-Spice's Generic Queue, for example), or an in-game path with ground cover.


I'd also recommend using T4L's Fences and More. The variety of barriers is really helpful for queue design.


That's how I made my queue here. It's just standard in-game queue covered with floor tiles, with said fence set outlining the path.

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Guys, this a thread for helping find scenery items for RCT3 that are long gone, tough to find, or to ask what a scenery item is if you have not seen it before. Not a "I'm lazy and can't do a Google search for anything, please make send me the file" thread.

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Can someone help me find a good station. Something like Top thrill dragster.


EDIT: Or a top thrill dragster set.

I know this isn't a request thread but I can help ya out sorta...for making a station similar to Dragster's, give STUK71's Hanger Set a try. It works well for the style Dragster has.

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