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Merry Christmas!


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Hey guys, just wishing all the Staff and members of ThemePark Review a safe and happy christmas and new year. May 2009 bring many new awesome roller-coasters and fun filled adventures! Just remember... an ACEr Buffet and Flat Rides don't always mix!

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Found this and thought it deserved a bump.


The holiday season is celebrated in many ways and forms.

It changes from country, to religion, to personal choice.


But the message is the same. Love, family, friends, joy.


Please celebrate the way you do, or not. And have a happy one.


Bear hugs - Bill & David


xox David and Bill

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...and a Happy Boxing Day today, as well.


(It started in the UK, when the richer class would package or "box" up old toys, clothing, extra food, etc. and leave the box on the front entry step for any of the poor to come and pick it up. It then became an extra day's holiday, later on.)

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