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Which Orlando Waterpark is The Best?

Which Orlando Water park?  

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  1. 1. Which Orlando Water park?

    • Aquatica
    • Wet'N'Wild
    • Blizzard Beach
    • Typhoon Lagoon
    • Water Mania

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My cousin who lives in Argentina contacted me and asked which Orlando water park he should go to on his school excursion.

Its out of: Aquatica


Blizzard Beach

Typhoon Lagoon

Water Mania

Please post your responses or Poll it. Eithers okay with me. I have never been to Orlando so i personally couldn't answer him. But because i'm the only enthusiast he knows. He asked me.

Thank you


Robby "needs your waterpark enthusiast help" Clapham


EDIT: I'm need your judgement on OVERALL fun at the parks, most innovative & most thrilling.

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I absolutely love Typhoon Lagoon!


I have been to Aquatica, Wet n' Wild, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon and Typhoon Lagoon gets me every time with their dense tropical environment. Their wave pool kicks ass!


FYI, Water Mania closed their door few years ago in case you didn't know.

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I really enjoyed Blizzard Beach, but Wet N' Wild won my vote! For some reason it just appeals to me more!

EDIT: I'm need your judgement on OVERALL fun at the parks, most innovative & most thrilling.

Well Blizzard Beach is much more innovative than Wet N' Wild. I had a blast at all the water parks, and I would have to say I think Wet N' Wild might be a little more thrilling! Well maybe not so much more thrilling, it was just more entertaining to me!!


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Watermania is closed. It sucks. It was ok but really not kept up. Typhoon Lagoon has Crush Gusher Water Coaster, its awesome, other than that, it is more of a kiddy place. Blizzard Beach has Slush Gusher, Summit Plummet, Teamboat Springs, Downhill Double Dipper, etc. It is great! That is my vote. Aquatica is new so it doesn't have much to offer. It is awesome but over-priced. Haven't been to Wet n Wild in 12 years.

Watermania- 2/10

Typhoon- 6/10


Aquatica- 9/10

Wet n Wild- 0/10

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Flip a coin between Wet N Wild and Blizzard Beach and you'll have a great day at either of the two.


Go to Typhoon Lagoon AFTER you've been to either one of those.


IMO, BB and Wet N Wild just have a lot more to offer than Typhoon Lagoon or Aquatica, but ALL of those parks are great!


No matter which you choose I think you'd have an awesome time, but personally I'd visit Blizzard Beach/Wet N Wild, Typhoon Lagoon, Aquatica in that order.



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Well Blizzard Beach is much more innovative than Wet N' Wild.


I would actually put it the other way around. Wet n' Wild is the first major waterpark in the United States and considered to be the first true modern waterpark. I don't think a lot of people think about the park that way, but Wet 'n Wild opened in 1977, two years before Schlitterbahn. Blizzard Beach didn't really do anything innovative, they just built a really long group slide and a really tall body slide. Blizzard Beach certainly has better theming as well as Summit Plummit, but Wet 'n Wild is the park that laid the groundwork for parks like Blizzard Beach to exist.

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I agree that Blizzard Beach is a great waterpark as a whole, with a strong mix of great attractions for the whole family as well as a fantastic Disney-quality theme. I've been to all of the waterparks listed in the poll and sadly enough, I remember Water Mania. The park's Banana Split slide scared the heck out of me as a young kid (back when I was still afraid of anything that drops).


Even though I feel that Blizzard Beach is a fantastic waterpark, after my experiences with Aquatica in its first month of operation (pre-grand opening through week 1 of opening), I was extremely satisfied with what was offered to me. The park has a wide variety of attractions, many of which can be found elsewhere, but their combination of bright colors, lush tropical theming and the "Brent-like" announcer that says "Welcome to Roa's Rapids" so darn well, makes the park my favorite. I've been 6 times since the place first allowed guests to test its attractions, and each time I've enjoyed it even more. If anything, I could say that I'm a little biased since this was the place I surprised my best friend for her 17th birthday--I distracted her by taking her to different attractions while the rest of our friends got into the park and met at our set location on the beach. After a few runs on Tassie's Twisters, we walked over to the beach and when she saw them, she dropped on her knees in disbelief (even though we passed them once in the line without her knowing). I have the whole event on video, and the moment is definitely a treasure. So again, without Aquatica, that couldn't have happened, so I feel that it is my favorite of the Orlando waterparks.

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Watermania's been closed for years now,at least I made it over there once,the one unique attraction they had was the body board surfing ride,it was cool even though I never got to stay on the board for over 10 seconds.The rest of the park was small and old looking,so I don't mind that it's gone.I voted Blizzard Beach for the cool theming and good slides,Wetnwild is my number 2,it lacks trees,so you can't spend a full day there with a lot of sun without leaving looking like a tomato,but it has really cool slides and my favorite attraction at any waterpark,the knee-ski where a line takes you around the lake on a knee board.My number 3 is Typhoon Lagoon which is really nice and lush,but needs a few more slides,this park has so many trees even with a strong sun all day you'll barely burn.I've had the platinum passes to the Busch parks paying them with EZ pay for years and if I want to include Aquatica my monthly rate will go from my current locked rate of $12 to nearly $17 for just adding Aquatica.I went to Aquatica earlier this year just to see if my pass would work and of course I knew it probably wouldn't but I tried anyways and got rejected when I handed the parking attendant my platinum pass,I already knew I didn't want to pay an extra $120 a year for 2 passes to just add Aquatica as my $12 monthly rate for all the other Busch parks seems like a deal to me,so with Aquatica looking crazy full I skipped it and made a beeline for Blizzard Beach.I'll go in 2009 and just pay for a 1 day pass,If I really like the park maybe I'll add it to my pass.A park that doesn't look that great from outside but once inside is pretty nice is Adventure Island in Tampa,and it's included in my platinum pass.

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Awesome. I just called my cousin. 5 Free overseas calls a month on my plan. Well thanks guys. He says his friends are either going to Wet 'n'Wild or Blizzard Beach. He says probably Blizzard Beach because they are going to Epcot. I told him that he should try Beverly at Epcot because it is the BEST tasting drink ever. HAHA.


Thanks heaps guys.

P.s. Sorry about Water Mania being in the Poll.


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Oh, excuse me, I didn't "relise" it was closed. I did read the thread. Even when it was opened, I had never heard of it.




It's alright. Chill. I just aways get in trouble for not reading the thread. Wait thats coasterforce. Some people at Coaster force are really horrible.

I'm sorry Tatum




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