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question about Wild Adventures and Six Flags Over Georgia


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Hello. I am looking for advice for people who have done each park in one day. We are looking to hit both on our drive to and from IL on the way to Disney World in the last week of March, first week of April. We are wonder about how long each park takes to do? By do I am talking about doing each ride at least once with the big rides twice. We just want to make sure one day each will be enough as I am not sure I will get a chance to do either again.



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But they are 4+ hours apart, so if you start at SFOG at opening (10:30 AM last year) and it takes 6 hours in the park and 4 hours to drive you'll arrive in Valdosta around 8:30 PM - not sure if WA will be open at that time of year that late.

We plan on doing them on different days. The plan orginaly was to do Six Flags on the way down and Wild Adventures on the way back, but Six Flags is closed on Friday, March the 27th. So because of that, it looks like we are going to have to pick different days unless Wild Adventures is open that day.

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I probably wouldn't recommend doing them in the same day (but I see you're probably not). The 4 hour driving distance would really take a chunk out of your ride time, and Hangman closes at nightfall (unless the new management changed that).


According to Screamscape, Wild Adventures is scheduled to open March 14th. Splash Island opens on the 28th along with their new water slide, so if you had that extra full day I would suggest hitting up the water park. You can do it in a hour. These dates are subject to change, though.


Hope you enjoy it in Georgia!

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