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Photo TR: Fudgey's Lampposts of the World


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I meant to post this TR back in October after the Orlando trip but various things in life sidetracked me a bit. However, Dave Fudge would be really disappointed if this TR never saw the light of day. So here goes.


A little background first...


Back in April a few friends from the Midwest trip got together and did a road trip round some parks in the UK (see the TR HERE). During this trip our group had a bit of a night out in Blackpool and well lets just say some people had a bit too much to drink. It was on the walk back to the hotel that Fudgey confessed and expressed his undying love for lampposts.


I can't explain this fetish and don't claim to understand it, but ever since Dave has begged us to take photos of him with different lamp posts whenever we visit parks and if Dave isn't with us he asks that we take pictures of interesting looking lampposts so that his needs can be fulfilled.


Fast forward to October at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. A bunch of us were there with Dave and well... he'd had a few beers...


At Epcot "drinking around the world" has become quite a favoured adventure for many visitors. That said simply drinking around the world isn't enough for our Fudgey.


Here I present Fudgey's Lampposts of the World...


We round out Lampposts around the World with Dave's homecoming in the UK. He was totally wasted by this point and really let it all go!


A great way to cap off the greatest night of his life!


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Fudgey's lamppost love. There's plenty more to come on this I'm sure!


Thanks for reading!


Big Mike has nothing on Fudgey when it comes to enlisting A list celebrities! Dave got to pose with a Canadian lamppost AND Matt Damon!


Getting towards the end of the tour Dave picked out this lovely lamppost in the middle of a French garden.


After the foursome it got mind blowing. Dave found some pretty cast member who shared his fetish!


In Japan Dave just got greedy. Can you say FOURSOME?!


In the American Adventure Dave tries to play it cool and look like he's not having the time of his life. We all know he is...


Dave hunted through Italy for the perfect post. He went on about this one for days!


Here we are in Germany and Dave has another beer in hand. He's obviously enjoying himself more and more as he scores the lamppost credits.


After downing a Fosters Dave is delighted to find Australia has quality posts.


Fudgey's an equal opportunities lamppost lover and this African one was unlike anything he'd ever seen before!


Dave loves the short and fat ones in China.


Onto Norway and Dave now has a drink in his hand. Things could get out of hand soon!


We start the tour in Mexico. Dave's just started on the food and drink so he's a little conservative here.


First of all let me just set the scene...

It's October 2008 and we're at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival in World Showcase.

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Dave I swear this was not my idea, the book may have been masterminded by myself, but this was pure Divv.


I have some more photos to add to the Fudgey's Lampposts of the world album. Some may not be lampposts, but hey they are at least pole like.


Finally after a full week of Lamping Dave begins to get a little exhausted.


No comment needed....


Divv and Lou with a Terminator light bar! SUPER!


Get DOWN from the 1950's pole Dave!


Even Muppet vision 3D helped Dave out when Lamppost were scarce.


Walk by "Lamping"


Is there a zamp in your lamp today?



At IOA the adventure begins with a stop to a sign post just for Mr. Fudge

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See, I have been contemplating my response to this thread, but just to clarify....




Yes, that's right - slow and painfully, preferably with some sort of blunt spoon.


It was on the walk back to the hotel that Fudgey confessed and expressed his undying love for lampposts.


I can't explain this fetish and don't claim to understand it, but ever since Dave has begged us to take photos of him with different lamp posts whenever we visit parks and if Dave isn't with us he asks that we take pictures of interesting looking lampposts so that his needs can be fulfilled.


Obviously so very truthful. Yes, that's right - I ask and I beg......


Now, posing for photos at Drinking Around the World starting off to be quite embarrassing, but the drink took over and it turned out to be quite fun. I look forward to seeing what lampposts await me in the new year...


And again... DIVV MUST DIE!

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OK Here's some of mine....


One of my favorites! It reminds me of a High School graduation photo or something.


The parking lot....


Gotta love the MONO rail


The bigger the better... (Thanks go to Shawn for taking this one for me)


The old London lamp from Body Collectors...

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But Dave, if I die I couldn't bring you more delightful photos...


Does this count as a threesome Dave?


See, you don't want me to die really do you?


Even Matt Damon likes to dabble in Dave's fetish from time to time.


The crazy lampposts in Future World at Epcot were a big hit!


Dave lamping at Animal Kingdom!


Or this!


Like this!

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Time for another update in Daves Lampposts of the world collection. Today we bring you a few Canadian lamppost credits, and some other random poles of the world.


Finally we will end this update with a perfect lamp for Mr. Fudge!


Even on the public transit in Lampshire Dave can't contain himself.



I think this one may have a case of Lamphoma.


Sir Lampsalot really gets around.


Always remember to protect yourself when licking lampposts. You don't want any STIs (Sexually Transmitted Illuminations)!


Does size matter when it comes to lamps?


Even in the kids section Dave is caught in the act of "Lamping".


The first Canadian lamppost credit. Sadly Dave can't take a group photo without a post nearby.

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Guys, here are a few lamps from what's left of Opryland USA theme park and the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Hope you enjoy!


Walking across the bridge into The Delta shops


By the Old Hickory Steakhouse inside the Delta(?) section of the hotel.


By what's left of Grizzly River Rampage


The old park entrance plaza

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Somewhere in L.A. (in the Hollywood area, I believe) they had sort of a gallery of various streetlamps that have been used in L.A. over the years; many dating back to the early 20th Century. I'll have to do some research to find out exactly where it is, but it seems like it was on the corner of Santa Monica and Gower, Western, Vermont...something like that.


But as one who appreciates old streetlights/lamps, I've enjoyed this report.




EDIT: OK. I found a website for this, and it's at the intersection of Vermont and Santa Monica. Nickname of "Vermonica," check out the link here.

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