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Top 5 movies of 2008

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1) The Dark Knight (Who doesn't love this movie?!)

2) Wall-E (Best Pixar movie yet.)

3) Iron Man (Best Marvel movie yet, but not as good as the Dark Knight)

4) Ghost Town (hilarious movie!)

5) Horton Hears a Who (suprisingly well done. First good Dr. Seuss movie in years)

Runner Up:

U2 3D (I don't know how many people saw this but it was AMAZING!)


And I still need to see Tropic Thunder, that will probably go somewhere on that list based on what everyone has said about it.

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In no particular order and probably swayed towards the pretty movies I've watched on my new Blu-Ray player recently:


1. Gran Torino - any movie with Clint Eastwood being an old, racist bastard is great for me.

2. Sunshine - One of the better done Sci-Fi movies I've seen in years. (Just looked at IMDB and I guess this was 2007, but whatever.

3. Wall-E - so freakin cute.

4. Dark Knight - what everyone else said.

5. The Wrestler - just an amazing performance by Micky Rourke.

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^^ I concur U23D was brilliant. A couple of times I literally felt like I was on the stage with Bono & Co. Did anyone see the Scorsese Rolling Stones film?


Others I enjoyed: Into the Wild, Wall-E, The Dark Knight, and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I suppose those are my tops of 08...tonight anyways and always subject to change.

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1. Dark Knight

2. Eagle Eye

3. Role Models (Can't believe no one has mentioned this yet! Definitely the best comedy of 08...)

4. Step Up 2 (Yes, I know it's a movie about dancing, and my girlfriend literally dragged me into the theater to see it...but it was GREAT!)

5. The Strangers (Now, I'm not the biggest fan of scary movies, but this one was really good! This is a great example of how a movie can be terrifying without someone being cut up every 10 seconds...)



Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Yes Man are two honorable mentions. Both great comedy's, just not quite good enough to make it into my top 5.

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Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield, is already planning an English remake of Let the Right One In set for release in 2010


I don't know if thats good or bad. I am watching let the right one in online, cause the nearest its playing near me is in Oceanside(45minutes to an hours drive away) I am watching it soon(after my current quentin tarrantino obsession ends) I love cloverfield, but LTROI is extremely different and must be handled carefully and delicately.

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^ hey someone else has actually seen Let The Right One In!!!!!





sorry, i just had to say that


Let the Right One in was the best movie period this year! It is a shame that Magnet Releasing has limited budget resources so the releasing was VERY limited. Fox Searchlight is able to slowly release Slumdog for Oscar buzz bt at least LTROI is not going unnoticed. It is on many best of lists and while it may not get the oscar nod those involved in the film at least know they made a loved and well respected movie. That is not often said about book->film translations.

I know the composer Johan Söderqvist and is is interesting how he made the score work with the chilling atmosphere.


If Michael Bay messes up the 2010 remake I will be very upset. If you go to blood-disgusting.com you can see the interview with the selected director who talks about the re location to Colorado for filming but it is VERY obvious he never read the book and if he did the brain power he has prevented him from comprehending that it is not a vampire movie. He sounds like an idiot and repeats "Its a great book" 20 times in a two min interview.

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So I did go see "Let the Right One In" over the weekend, and it was really good. It was definitely not your average "vampire movie". I thoroughly enjoyed the stark and very minimalist qualities of it, and it made me look even more forward to the Scandi trip this summer.


Definitely worth checking out!

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1. Wall-E

2. The Dark Knight

3. Transsiberian

4. Man on Wire

5. I Am Legend.



If you haven't seen Transsiberian, i strongly suggest that you go down to the video store and rent out a copy of it; one of the few movies i have seen recently (I saw it on a plane last month) that has actually legitimately thrilled me.

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