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Top Thrill Dragster POV video of roll back!

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Hey everyone,


Someone sent me a link to this video that was shot for CBS news. It's a pretty interesting video, some of it is kind of 'blah', but when they get to the part where they finally ride the coaster, and then it rolls back on the reporter's first ride, it's pretty funny! And they've even got onride footage of it going backwards down the tower, which I thought looked pretty cool.


Anyway, here is the link:


Cedar Point TTD Video - Rolling Back


Anyone know when this was shot? I can't believe I had never seen it before!





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They played this video at the Q/A session back at Coastermania 2003.


Though I wasn't really able to see it as I don't bring my glasses into parks.


I like how you can tell that the ride is having problems as nearly all the people interviewed are sitting outside along the fence waiting for the ride to reopen.

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It was shot in May of 2003 at the end of a three day commercial shoot. I'm pretty sure it aired a week or two later, but I wasn't able to see it on TV.


Let me tell you though, they told us to wear shorts and it was freaking COLD that morning. Luckily I managed to get on that train, so my first ride ever on Dragster was the rollback you see in the video. 8)

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