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What book are you reading.


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I'm reading the Twilight series at the moment, and I'm on Eclipse (3rd out the 4 books)

Even though they're teenage books, they're really good! I get proper hooked into them!

And hey, it doesn't matter what age the books are recommended for, how many adults have read and enjoyed Harry Potter?

But yeah I would recommend them!

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I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for English class. It's alright, we just finished Part 1. I heard it gets better, so I'm excited for that. Because right now, I'm not too impressed with the book. But reading it out loud and being Atticus is fun.


Keep reading, it gets better. I had to read it in 8th grade, and I thought it was a great book. I hope you end up liking it!


I just finished reading two books: The Grapes of Wrath and Oil!. The Grapes of Wrath is the better of the two in my opinion, and kept my interest the whole way though. I read Oil! because it was the inspiration for one of my favorite movies: There Will Be Blood. The first 200 pages were good, but after that, I lost interest.

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I'm in the middle of finals right now so I'm not reading anything, however at the end of the week I'd like to pick up a book. I'm thinking I might try to get through another "Jack Ryan" book, however those tend to be too long and I'm not sure I'd finish. So I may decide to read The Bourne Legacy instead, as I'm also working through that series.

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I'm currently reading the curious incident of the Dog in the Nighttime...

A great book, but I don't really have much time to read right now, so this might take a while...

Also, i'm waiting for the Slovenian version of "A Clash of Kings", by George R. R. Martin...


I also recommend reading the Bartimaeus Trilogy, by Johnathan Stroud! My favourite books ever, especially the last one, Ptolemy's gate! What a brilliant ending! lol

And Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.


I mostly read fantasy stuff, as you can see...

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shanghai baby by wen hui, quite interesting.

there´s a story told about a little girl from the chinese country who is brought to shanghai as a little kid, and get´s in touch with the artists-, nightlife-, drug-, and music scene when she grows up.

this book tells you about the changes that took place in china between the 1960´s and the millenium, and because of the book, the author wen hui was abbandoned from the government.

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santaland diaries by david sedaris




Santaland Diaries collects six of David Sedaris's most profound Christmas stories into one slender volume perfect for use as a last-minute coaster or ice-scraper. This drinking man's companion can be enjoyed by the warmth of a raging fire, the glow of a brilliantly decorated tree, or even in the back seat of a police car. It should be read with your eyes, felt with your heart, and heard only when spoken to. It should, in short, behave much like a book. And oh, what a book it is! (amazon.co.uk)

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Slumdog Millionaire

When Ram Mohammad Thomas, an orphaned, uneducated waiter from Mumbai, wins a billion rupees on a quiz show, he finds himself thrown in jail. (Unable to pay out the prize, the program's producers bribed local authorities to declare Ram a cheater.) Enter attractive lawyer Smita Shah, to get Ram out of prison and listen to him explain, via flashbacks, how he knew the answers to all the show's questions. Indian diplomat Swarup's fanciful debut is based on a sound premise: you learn a lot about the world by living in it (Ram has survived abandonment, child abuse, murder). And just as the quiz show format is meant to distill his life story (each question prompts a separate flashback).


Let the Right One In


Oskar, a much bullied 12-year-old schoolboy living in a Stockholm suburb, notices that his next-door neighbor, Eli, has some peculiar traits: Eli only comes out at night, smells like death warmed over and is of ambiguous gender. Eventually, Eli reveals he's a vampire who survives by feeding off the neighborhood lowlifes. Occasionally, his bite accidentally turns victims into undeads who, unaware of their vampirization, go on rampages that end in spectacularly gruesome fates. As sweet as the pure and wholesome friendship between Oskar and Eli may be, it's the gory set pieces that propel the plot.


The Long Walk

Synopsis: This annual event is summarized as follows: 100 boys start walking; if you walk under 4 miles per hour, you get a warning; after 3 warnings, if you slow down again, you are shot dead. The winner of the Long Walk is the last boy left walking.


AND my current all time favorite book in the vein of Catcher in the Rye without the language is


Superficially Spud is a superbly paced, quick witted insight into the life of a late-bloomer confronting the transition into adolescence in a stuffy but eccentric midlands boarding school. The crazy eight, Spud's cronies, are laugh out loud hilarious in their antics. This aspect of the novel alone will win many people over

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