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Incredibly Late But Awesome Hersheypark Photo TR

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Man, I'm late. I finally decided to get my pictures done. Well, here we go.


Well, anyway I went to my home park, Hersheypark on August 24-25th. Stayed in a Hampton suite in Grantville. It had two freakin' plasma screen t.v.'s. In a freakin' hotel room.


Well, anyway. Back to stuff that matters. Originally, we were going to have a podcast from Hershey, but beacuse I'm a dumbass we don't.


Well, here's a brief trip overview before the hot coaster porn pictures.


Got at the gate for my preview Sunday, August 24, ran right to Great Bear. After 7 years of watching the train rush by, it was finally my turn. Amazing coaster. It was intense and fun, just like every B&M. The zero-g was my favorite and the drop actually got me a little.


Next up was Stormrunner. Incredible. The launch was outstanding. Tough to describe how it feels. It's like butterflies and airtime but you're pressed against the seat at the same time. Air at the top hat and on the snake dive. A little rough on the first inversion and ending banks, though. It's a number 4 coaster.


Next, Sidewinder. Why does this get such a bad rep? I thought it was good. Not a top ten coaster. It was sort of rough, not as bad as people say. I liked it. It was fun going backwards.


Next was Lightning Racer. Need I say more? hauled ass as usual and great air. Still my number three coaster. Sex on wood. Has anybody ever said that before?


Next day, Fahrenheit.


So we walk down the midway and we stop at the Claw. "What? The line can't be this long! ****, I'm not going to ride it!?" Then I look up at the station, tons of engineers and staff in the station as an aempty train sits in the station with an empty que. "Oh, that just makes it worse". Within fifteen minutes, the ride was up and running. We waited 20 minutes, got second row. INCREDIBLE. The lift was the most unique experience and the drop is just....w-o-w. Air on the Norweigian loop, air on the overbank, that airtime hill is just insane. Sex on wheels. All in all, it's my number two coaster. Go ride it.


Wildcat hauled ass as usual. Great ride.


I didn't ride anything at the Boardwalk. No water rides for me. Instead, I rode Lighting Racer about 15-16 times that morning.




Fahrenheit. I know you knew.


My favorite shot. There's a ride named "Whizzer" at Six Flags Great America that is better than Fahrenheit. I know this because I read it in Amusement Today.


Really? Whizzer over this? COME ON!


Me being artsy. And too lazy to wait for a boat.


Hello! I didn't forget about you. You're still awesome.


Artsy. It's pure skill getting that shot. All in the wrist. That's the best inversion I've ever experienced.


Lightning Racer behind a tree and station anyone?


I leave you with a backwards shot of the Boardwalk play structure. Backwards? Yes, I am that bad that I didn't notice it was backwards until after I saw the picture on my computer. Shoot meh. NOTED!


Thanks for reading guys!

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Hey, don't diss Whizzer.

I told him the same thing! Farenheit was a terrible dissapointment (in my opinion, I know I am one of the few that thinks) and I have to believe that Whizzer is a better coaster then Far.


Good trip report, good to see my coaster-photo-taking abilities rubbed off on you...even if my good coaster taste didn't!

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