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Condor HO Scale Model: "The Flying Falcon"

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Hello all,


I thought I would post some pictures of a project I have been working on, and finally completed not too long ago. I scratch-built an HO Scale (1:87) replica of Hersheypark's "Flying Falcon" ride, a Huss Condor.


Here are 2 videos of the original I found on youtube:






And here are pictures of my project:


Boarding position ready for riders:


Starting to climb the tower:


Up, Up, And Away:



At the top, side view:


Closeup of the center assembly:


Climbing down the tower:


Nobody is in line!


"2 Riders Per Car, Regardless of Size:"


Here we go again:


Still a work in progress, but it's time to move on for now. Thanks for looking!

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Thank you all for your comments. Unfortunately this is just a static model. I can raise or lower it by hand if I want, but creating a working model of this type is out of my level of skill or knowledge - not to mention wallet.


The tower is about 13'' high (100 feet in HO Scale) and platform approximately 11'' wide.

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Yes I am working on trying to build an entire layout...I would say about 70% of it will be inspired by HP, but it will be more of my own creation than a replica of HP.


I did work on a replica of the "Conestoga" but it's being refurbished right now. I will take a few pictures when that is complete.


A bit off topic, but is it me, or was that ride awesome? I was sad to see it go! Almost makes me want to take a trip to Lake Winnie to go on it again.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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