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Space World, Japan! A new TPR Video!

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Hey everyone!


Guess what we have for you? That's right! Another crazy video segment from our Japan-A-Mania TWO DVD!!!


This time around it's "Space World" where you will see amazing things such as:

- New Intamin Rocket Coaster goodness!

- Twisted Ron Toomer coat hanger coasters!

- Dan's head in a crotch!

- Elissa and her angel wings!

- More TPR insanity!!!


Enjoy this new clip and remember, Coaster Expedition Volume 11 and Roller Coasters in the Raw 2 are NOW SHIPPING!!! So your copies now: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store


Thanks again for your support and please post your comments about the video!




TPR's Space World video for your iPod!!! Just unzip the file and drag into iTunes! (Also works on PSP)


Download this version to your hard drive!


Space World! From Coaster Expedition Volume 11!

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^ Yes, but it was never released on TPR. We posted a couple of Japan segments to YouTube as a high quality video test but never promoted them or anything so unless you're an active TPR YouTube channel watcher or happened to run across them doing a search, chances are you probably haven't seen this video yet.


And besides, YouTube doesn't have an iPod downloadable version either!



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