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Photo TR: Cedar Point Halloweekends

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Time for the last coaster trip for the season, Cedar Point. Cedar Point never fails, such a great park, and great selection of rides. We had so much fun this year, the haunted houses and trails were all great. Ride operations were good as well. Pirate Island wasn't the best, but still was very good, and who couldn't love walking on to Millenniums Island. The best walk through one in our opinions was Fear Fest. We didn't do any of the indoor houses since all the lines for em were a good 1-3 hours.


Of course the best rides as usual were Maverick, Dragster, and MF. Maverick seemed to be better this year then last, which rocks! The back seat gave major ejector air, and we got about 3 rides in the back row. Another coaster running well in our opinions this year was good old Milly. Had some great air, and floater air. But seemed to have a bit more this year, and it was even better that on sunday no rides had any waits. Dragster was the same old thing, but still my favorite of the two Stratas. Unfortunately we didn't get on Magnum or Raptor, since Raptor was closed and we were to short on time on Sunday to do Magnum.


So we had a awesome time like usual at Cedar Point. Lines weren't as bad as some days, and the park was running very well. The staff was really good, the haunters were the best by far. So Tyler, and I strongly suggest going to Cedar Point, and even better Halloweekends!


Now time for the Photo TR!


We want you!

Hotel breakers, and the awesome beach.

First up, Maverick!

We see you peaking at us, we'll be to you soon enough.

Nerdy me.

We see you.

Umm, what is that skeleton on the horse doing?



I don't think your forceless......

These people seem to be getting force.

HalloWeekends, yay!

You are pretty forceless though.

How could you not love this park?

Back to the hotel for a quick break.

On the way back, we look up, and guess what we see!

Part of me was like, omg I want to be up there. Then the other part was, like, dam its cold enough down here.

Yeah, an hour up there out in 30-40 degree weather, hmm. I'd still probably do it.

WT, MaxAir, Ferris Wheel, DT, and last but not least, BIRD!!!!

Up close and personal.



OMG!!! I found a picture of Wicked Twister from the thirties!

Tyler, get out of the thirties....


Get out of that bush!

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. The waters so clear, looks like the Islands. Never even knew the water got that clear.

Dragster hiding behind trees.

Insert own caption here...

TTD's sign, fall style.

No, its not stuck this time.

Ahh, so pieceful.





Ok, I'm starting to think CP may have put some skeletons doing stuff in on purpose.

Look! It's even more funny now! Look at whats in the little skeletons hand!

Did I mention this is the better on of the two? OTSR's stink.

I still love you!

Intamin, woot!

Same overbank, new angle!

Dragster in all its glory.

Close up!

Sometimes when it goes fast enough over the tophat, it gives some airtime.

Maverick, omg, maverick, maverick, and one more maverick. Ok I'm done.

My heart you.

All with smiles, as should be!

Twisty Goodness.


Airtime anyone?

Millennium, woot!

Back to Maverick!

Umm, yah, its awesome.

Fall time in the park is very pretty. My favorite time of the year at Cedar Point.

Waited 20 mins to get this picture, lol. Didn't even come out that great...

Raptors in there somewhere.

Such a shame we didn't get on it this year.

This guy came out and entertained everyone waiting for pirate island to open.

Did we mention halloweekends is awesome?


Anyone else find this kind of ironic this year?

Space ship.

Maverick was so awesome Sunday. We got on this thing 3 or 4 times no wait. Then it started raining, booo!

Maverick, and all its awesomeness. Notice the ride op trying not to freeze to death by the winds.

Ugh, I have to say it at least once. Pretty....

Just had to. Oh and the park was this empty after it was open to the public!

We wanted to ride it, but it was closed Sunday due to high winds, and rain.

But of course we couldn't leave off with anything but Maverick!


Thanks for reading everyone, we hope you enjoyed the Trip Report and pictures.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Wow great trip report.


It was one of the highlights of our trip back in may. Man it was almost freezing back then. But right now the temperature must be unbearable.


I don't know how many and which coaster you've been on but in comparison to Goliath (Walibi World) and Expedition Geforce, Millennium Force is forceless. Nevertheless it's still a great ride, It was the speed and not the airtime that did it for me.




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