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IAAPA 2008 Photo TR


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Figured I would tag along on this thread to show the photos that Stacey and I got today. The event really had a different feel than in the past few years - fewer freebees, more info about used rides and many of the big companies had much smaller booths. I think the good thing about this is there were many smaller companies that might not have been able to fit in a few years ago...


Since John covered the big stuff so well, we decided to take a look at some of the more random stuff!


On to the pics!


Inflatable, Inflatable, Wooly Mammoth, Inflatable... WTF?!?


Name the attraction!


"Why do you keep making me pose next to things which creep me out!?!"


Micro Bowling Alleys were also very popular, I have never seen one in real life though!


Lots of vendors showing climbing setups this year. Ecotourism keeps getting popular!


All I have to say is "Weird Slurping Noises".


The lesser known theme of this year is "Creepy Kostumes!"


Soon to be seen at a Halloween event near you!


Yeah Baby.. My degree is in Tentology....


Sweet! Inflatable Rock-em Sock-em Robots!


Does anyone else see the irony in a giant WALL-E inflatable made out of plastic?

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How about some more randomness!


I will leave you with this picture of a game where you get fish to race by blowing at them with a straw... Seriously.


OK - I officially feel old.. Its a game where all you do is see who can text fastest!


OMG!! A NEW STACKER!!! They seriously had 20 different versions on display.


Its every furries favorite game! Tap a toon!


Very random game where if you hit the button at the right time the novelty sized ballon explodes!


I think this might be the worlds largest sky ride gondola.. Kinda scary!


Obligatory B&M Booth shot


Very few flat rides to try this year.. but this one packed a punch!


Why do these keep getting creepier every year!?!?


Heres a shocker.. I'm getting my butt kicked in Guitar Hero by an actual rocker!


Look its the Big A$$ Wheel!! Oh wait.. Big Bass... nevermind.. :(


Alright.. I guess I will throw in a picture of a coaster...




According to Stacey it feels like pins and needles as the fish eat the dead skin!


It's only the coolest thing ever.. a Fish Pedicure from Japan!


You might wonder... What is Dr. Fish...


This game is called Pop the Bubble not Punch the Squirrel!


Let me put on my shocked face!


Look at the size of the girl next to Stacey.... REALLY?!?!?!

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Its a game where all you do is see who can text fastest!

Really? This is what we've come to? I guess maybe the world really is on pace to end in 2012....or sooner.


And yeah, I actually just saw a news segment not too long ago about several places in the states where they're offering that fish "treatment" thingy. Strange.

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I just got back today from the show...I was there all week for work, and I must say I couldn't believe the texting game either. However, I have a feeling that it will end up being quite popular, as I've read about actual texting competitions being held and such. So I suppose why not let people pay to find out how good they are at it.


The fish thing was odd, and there's no way I would ever pay to let fish eat me.


To answer a question earlier in the thread about the new Whitewater slide...no it does not go upside down. The rider speeds down a steep hill, then uses that momentum to ride up the next hill. The concept photo they had there was kind of misleading about that I thought.


I thought the show seemed slow to previous years with fewer vendors, and smaller booths. However, the tour at Aquatica was pretty neat, and the food was really good. I can't wait to see what kind of tours they have next year in Vegas, it should be interesting!


For those of you who say you're going...this really isn't something that I would recommend going to if your not really in the business. First of all it's quite expensive. And, yes it's neat to go see all the booths and vendors of your favorite rides, however the companies aren't really there to meet the fans of their rides, they are there to sell new ones.

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Ok the first thing I have to say is looks like you had a great time over there and too bad there was no dinner in the sky this year and secondly the last photo I have on here I saw a video of that slide on Youtube here's the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TGmBrYpZag unfortunately it's only in german but at least you can see what it looks like and lastly the first photo here is actually an animatronic that was at my haunted house that I work at in October and it actually scared a lot of people for some reason.



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Wow that is really pathetic they had nothing ouside except some lame kiddie rides.


No - It's not pathetic, it is just a sign of our times. The economy caused many companies to pare down what they would show (think of the costs of shipping, set up, etc) since they knew money would not be flowing quite as freely from buyers.


Think about it - with all the parks closing and all of the hardly used rides on sale why would you display new flat rides?

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Guys, some great coverage! Thank you both!


Another mascot. Love these!

Ok, this cross between a teddy bear and a hamster with a button for a nose was pretty cute.


Stacey is a brave soul for trying out the "Pirana Pedicure". Kudos to her.


Visors with hair huh. I still don't understand why sombody would buy half a hat in the first place. Eh, what do I know?


Liked the train-theme mini bowling alleys. Nice twist on that game.

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A friend of ours works for SnowMasters, who is making the Flogo systems.... they are quite cool in person. They have units right now that can do up to a 4' shape and he tells me that they have a 6' shape unit in the works.


They were originally intending to premiere them at the Bejing '08 Olympic games in the Olympic Village, but got skiddish about the concept and mechanics being stolen by Chinese manufacturers, so they opted out of taking them.


On a , sort of related, side note...... he is also handling the exterior snow effects for the Harry Potter installation at Islands of Adventure.

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^ It's the seats that will be used for the Stingray design that is going up in China.

Also for the future flying coasters.


Nice to finally see some pictures from IAAPA.


Nice,I wonder if they'll work on the three existing vekoma flyers? This new design would really cut the load/dispatch times for Firehawk,Batwing & Nighthawk substantially.

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Awesome trip report!


I hope it isn't that dead next year when the show comes out here to Vegas...


Word from the show floor is that the expo may be smaller next year. Exhibitors are buying less space since it will cost them more to set up (vegas is a union hall and the exhibitors can't touch anything).

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