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This will be the last update I will do with my old camera. Hopefully by next week I will get a new and better digital camera which will be high def.


I've gotten a lot done yesterday (more than I thought I would). The last turn before the 2nd lift hill is done, and the brake run and last lift hill are finished. The first and second lift hill are about the identical heights (around 4 1/2 feet) and instead of just doing a straight drop like the first, the second will turn.

The final sections of the ride will be mostly close to the ground, and since I want to make this coaster unique, I want to have the coaster criss cross over and under the lift hill, first drop, and second hill and then do some type of special element at the end of the ride that's never been done on a hyper coaster.


In other news, I went out and bought X-mas lights specially for the coaster.


Comment and (or) citicize.


Here's what I plan on doing in the next update.




The second lift hill.


The turn before the MCBR.


The skyline in my grandmother's basement looks a little different this week...

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Looking good! I dont quiet understand what you want to do next, but ok! How many K'nex sets do you have?


I plan on having it dive under the second drop then leap over the base of the first drop.

I answer the second question.... I really have no idea! Right after the Kingda ka coaster was finished, the pieces were bagged and I got all the track connectors, track, and half of the pieces that were used on the coaster (the other half were sold I think). Right now I have 5 motors, 3 or 4 wind-up thingys, a bag or two filled with flexible rods, a 22 gallon container filled to the top with K'nex, and the same with track (some that wasn't even used).

Right now I only have half of the pieces in the container, but I'm only down to a few handful's of dark blue star pieces. I plan on having the supports on the return to mostly branch off of the existing supports.

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Wow, I've been reading this thread and it seems that Jack is just mad because you don't use his product. (this is no offence to Jack I'm just messing around.)


Anyways, this looks pretty cool so far, I remember building Knex Screamin' Serpent models as a kid, me and my dad took bout a week to build it, wonder how long it'd take me to do what your doing.


Kalepi "Probably bout' a year so props to you mate" Konei

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I finally got my new camera and now it seems like the coaster is slightly past the half-way mark from being finished.


Yesterday, I got the first drop from the second lift hill and half of the first cross-over finished. I plan on building the next couple of cross-overs next time and to finish the coaster, do a tunnel through the station, a highly banked turn and then into the brake-run. Then I will add the station track and finish the coaster's circuit.


More to come.


The coaster is getting massive.


The first cross-over. It goes over the first drop.


The first drop gradually turns.

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  • 2 weeks later...


A tremendous amount of progress has happened today. The coaster is 85% finished and completion could probably happen next week, then the fun happens (you'll find out more farther down in the post).

Today, I got the track to line up and run parallel to the lift hill. The coaster then drops down a hill after the turn and into a nice airtime hill. The track then flattens out when it passes the lift base where it will pass through a tunnel. Even though it's not built yet, the coaster will do another airtime hill, a steeply banked turn, another airtime hill and steep turn and then into the brakes. The station and pre-lift section have been built, but I plan on going back and adding the friction wheels and lift machinery later as well as modifying the station to allow the trains to flow though the it easier.


I plan on finishing the trackwork next Saturday and here's some other tasks I plan to get done over time:

-Add and test running (X-mas) lights to the coaster.

-Get new trains and since K'nex doesn't make them anymore, I'll need to find some on eBay.

-Add tunnels and maybe some scenery. Remember! I have until July to finish this! I do have the time to get creative with it.

-Contact the people in charge of the carnival to get permission to display this (I'm sure they'd allow me to display this since the had something 10 times the size of Sandstorm displayed last year).


By the way, someone generously made a logo for the coaster too.


More Soon...


The whole Sandstorm coaster so far. Next week, trackwork will be completed.


The pre-lift.


The tunnel section and adistant view of Sandstorm's station (under construction).


The airtime hill. Mmm...tastey.


The completed crossover and crossunder.


Something looks different...

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Remember! I have until July to finish this! I do have the time to get creative with it.


Don't wait until July. Finish it.


I have no plan on stopping. I just mean that whatever extra I want to add to the coaster, I have until July to come up with more ideas to add them to the coaster to display.

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Looks pretty impressive, I wish I could be bothered to do something like this.


Are you going to release a video of this when its done? (even if its just a blur)


I've actually started videotaping some of the trackwork. Most of it is looking at the coaster from above though.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The Trackwork is Finally Completed!

After nearly 3 months of work, the coaster is "completed"! Technically it would be finished, but there's still work to get done.

Last Saturday, I worked on the coaster's finale which is 2 curved hills, a sloping brake-run, and a new station (still needs work). There are a few parts where I need to fix, but the track is done. I do plan on adding longer track tubing to use less tubing connection pieces. I fould that metal wiring works for this (just a tidbit for those who run low on those plastic ones).

Along with the trackwork getting finished, I started on the next step which required me to break out the Christmas lights.

This week, I plan on getting a SS set on eBay which will give me new trains to work with and more pieces.


More soon!


The new station still needs a roof.


The final section along with the whole coaster. This section might be lengthened once I get more pieces.


Looks like a real coaster.

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Looks awesome Any chance we can see a video when everything is done if you have time. BTW the Christmas lights really do add a lot to the ride.


I think I might start putting together a "preview" video during this week.

This weekend, I delt more with the "mechanical part" of the coaster such as the lift hill.


The set-up for the lift hill is going to be different compared to other K'nex coasters because I don't have enough lift hill chain. When I first got the pieces, there was only 100 chain pieces which is not enough for 2-5 foot lift hills. To solve the problem, I chose to take a small section of lift chain, take a long section of rope, and tie the ends together to make a loop. the chain will travel only on the top of the lift hill section and the rope will be under it. Once a train gets carried to the top, the motor would be thrown in reverse and brought back to the base of the lift (similar to Millenium Force's elevator lift system).


Yesterday, I added this system to the first lift, but I ran into a problem which needs help. Only the top gear is a lift hill-style gear and the rest are wheel hubs because the rope fits perfectly in them. While testing out the system yesterday, I would throw the lift into reverse and it would jam up. I did rap the rope around the top gear so it could get grip on it moving. Did I wrap it too much? See the pictures and lift diagram below.



I also added 2 more boxes of X-mas lights which covered the rest of the coaster execpt for the turn-around before the station.


Next week I will try to fix the lift, add the second one, and if I get the SS set, I will finish the station, test a little, and make the appropriate changes.





The base at a different angle.


The lift hill.


The base of the lift system.


Top section of the lift system.


The M is the motor, the gray circles are where the wheels are, and the blue lines is where the rope and chain is. The highest gray circle is where the gear is.

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