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Disneyland Trip Advice

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Hey TPR members. I am planning a trip to California in July of 09 and was hoping for a little advice. I am looking to do this as inexpensively as possible for a family of 4. Could you suggest any hotels or places to get cheap tickets etc.


If you have any trip advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.





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You can book hotels from a variety of places. Try Expedia, Hotels.com, or Travelocity. There are others as well, but start with those and pick the Anaheim area. I don't know if there is a Disneyland pick, but if there is, choose that one.


I wouldn't rent a car because there are trams/buses that can get you from your hotel to Disney. I think that might save you some money as well.


I don't know of any way to get inexpensive tickets.


Good luck!

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I wouldn't rely on eBay for Disneyland tickets...the chances of finding the right amount for the right time are not great.


As Rick said, look on a travel site for hotels. There are many hotels in the resort and many have a shuttle to the parks. If anything I would make sure you are close enough to walk or that the hotel / motel has a shuttle.


I will have to check about tickets...I haven't had to buy any in a long time.

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The Anaheim Howard Johnson's is just across the street from DL and DCA, and it's a good hotel; so, if a travel site offers you a good deal there, you can't go wrong.


I have pretty good luck with Hotwire.com when it comes to hotels.

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Try to fly into SNA (Orange County/John Wayne) if flying, it's the closet airport to Anaheim. And fairly reasonable rental car rates.


There is also LAX and LGB (Long Beach), but LAX has all rental cars offsite and it's a pain to get in and out of. I've never flown in or out of LGB.


Also don't forget, Knott's and Adventure City are within 5 miles of Disney (on the same street even)

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