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Robb Alvey's 30 Pounds in 30 Days - 2008!


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I need to think about joining a gym, I would like to weigh about 220 (around 250 right now) or a little less because I got a gut on me. I just work in an industry where I get 25 minutes for lunch and I don't eat too healthy at all.


^Yeah that's obese! Robb is just fluffy


What stage of fluffy though?

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Robb, I think it's great that you're trying to lose weight. Though I thought the Wii Fit went a little overboard calling you 'obese'. I mean you're pretty big, but you're not obese!

Don't worry, I didn't take any offense to Wii Fit calling me obese! The little guy just calls them as he seems 'em!


While I may not look so "obese" on the outside (Here's a pic from a few weeks ago)...



I do hide my obesity well!



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^MMMMM... Walffle House!


Perhaps, I'll give Terrence a run for his money.


Oh yes, I demand hobbit feet pictures!


1. Ditto on the hobbit feet!


2. Run for my money, eh? Well I still got a ways to go myself; although for a guy about 6 months from his 41st birthday, it's not bad at all! I got exes to make jealous!




EDIT: For those without a Wii I used "Yourself Fitness" (for PC, XBox and Playstation 2) to lose 30 lbs when I started my exercise program. I was consistent with the program and it randomized my workouts which I liked.


Select the type of workout so Miss Maya can wear you out!

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Good luck, Robb!


I'm also using the Wii Fit method of weight loss. I just finally found my copy on Thursday. I was so excited. So far I'm down 5 lbs and my Wii Fit age is down from 41 to my actual age of 29.


It's actually really fun and motivating me to exercise. My brother and his girlfriend are both playing too and we keep bettering each other's scores.

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Good luck!

I'm sure your wife will love your new look!


Also it's not only for the appearance but importantly your overall health.


I'm a health freak so let me give you some tips.

You need to exercise according to your body type and level.

Extreme exercises should be saved for later.


Diet is very very very important!

Proper diet alone can shed so many unwanted pounds.

30lbs in 30days is very achievable, with diet you can exceed that.


If you are really obese, exercise that require you to stand for a long time can cause damage to your joints. So consider bikes, swimming, ball exercises, or certain machine until you feel more comfortable..


Anyways hope you the best!

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Way to go Robb. I believe in you. If I ever find a WiiFit out here in AZ I was totally going to use this as a source of exercise. You know what the monks say..."If you have more exercise in your life, you can drink more beer and it won't show in your gut."


Good luck fatty...I mean Robb

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