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Robb Alvey's 30 Pounds in 30 Days - 2008!


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Hey everyone!


Some of you guys may remember THIS thread from last year when I went on my 30 pounds in 30 days diet.


The end result? 22.5 pounds in 25 days.


And then we went on our holiday cruise and then all the TPR summer trips came around and thanks to my lack of any self control I'm back to square one again!


However, this year things are a bit DIFFERENT!


Last year I really only had a short term goal, but I now realize while that did great for me I also need a long term goal. I also have hired a personal trainer to help me out. I would like to introduce you to all to...



That's right! Wii Fit is going to track my progress every day and help me go from fatty to FABULOUS!


So many people have asked "Does that thing actually WORK???" so now it's time to give it a try. Obviously I'm dieting and doing other exercise as well, but this will be a good test to see if Wii Fit really can help.


I need as much support from you guys as well and if anyone else here has Wii Fit and wants to play along, post pictures, etc, please feel free to do so!


So here goes....


"Robb Alvey's 30 Pounds in 30 Days - 2008 Edition! Guest Starring Wii Fit!"


I will be posting pictures every day (unless of course we are gone for a day or two) and this thread will serve as my "blog" so to speak on the progress.


Short Term Goal - 30 pounds by December 12th, 2008.

Long Term Goal - 50 pounds by June 1st, 2009.


The short term goal is because we are leaving for our holiday cruise on December 12th and I need to go on a crash diet for that trip. The long term goal is to make sure that I keep up with it once I get back (I assume I'll also gain some weight back on that trip) and look hot and sexy for 2009's TPR trips.


So who's with me? C'mon everyone! Let's DO THIS!!!


So here is the most important screen...my status...at the moment I'm at 260lbs. Let's see how we do tomorrow!


Damn, maybe I should try out for the Olympics!


Now we will try some skiing!


Yay! Who ever thought working out could be so much fun?


Damn that's a lot of spins!


Ok, let's do some exercise. How about some Hoola Hoops? There's Elissa and Jahan throwing hoops at me! Stop that guys!!!


Why did KidTums step on the TV?


My Wii Fit age is....40!!! I don't know why I look so happy...that's OLDER than me!!!


Yay! At least I'm 1.5 lbs lighter than my weigh in yesterday! I've got a head start!


Well, Wii Fit, you certainly have a nice way of putting things! Ok, ok...so we need to take care of this!


Yes, yes, I know...I'm off balance...can we just get on with this please?


Spoken like a true personal trainer...Well, I'm not much into breakfast, but I'll have something simple and probably stop by Starbucks on the way to work (Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte - Non Fat, No Whip in case you all are interested in today's coffee order!)


Hello Wii Fit! I would like you to meet TPR!

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Good luck Rob! I hope you see your goal...just remember the slower you loose, the slower it takes to come back.


I lost 20lbs in the past 1 1/2. What I found to be most helpful (probably has something to do with my mild case of OCD) is to wear a pedometer and make sure that I hit 70K steps per week. It is a challenge especially if you work at a desk all day.


Good luck!

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Let me just say that this is awesome! I have asked for the WII fit this year for christmas and this makes me want one even more(in a non-greedy way)


Robb, Good luck on this, and seeing from how well you did last year, you'll most likely do better with this one since working out is now made FUN!


Post Script: I never got to Thank-You for the wonderful day of Behemoth Bash that you and Elissa put together! It was fantastic and I cannot wait to join one of your trips in the future!

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Robb, you've inspired me to start up on my wii fit plan again. It was going strong for about 2 weeks and then after I got back from Florida, I had no desire to keep up with it anymore. In the 2 weeks I did use it though, I lost about 8 lbs overall, and that was on 30 min (credits) of hula hoops, step, and punching, plus some balance exercises here and there.

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Wii need video! I want to see you doing those yoga moves!


Seriously, I'm rooting for you. Things that are fun to do, you do more often so if the Wii is doing that for you great. I bought the guy I'm dating a Dance Dance Revolution mat to do the same thing. He said that's how he lost weight before so he was happy I was able to set it up for him.



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Hey Robb,

BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!

It does look like fun with WII Fit.

It's amazing how those pounds add up, too bad they're not British Pounds.

I went to my doctor last week and everything is fine until I stepped on the scale. 237 !!! I couldn't believe it. I'm going to start walking home from work here in NYC. I work 30 blocks from my home so that's a mile and a half.

Hopefully we'll both look great by the trip to Scandinavia!!!

All my best,


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Amazon is selling copies of Wii Fit for $89.99. If you're interested, I suggest getting it RIGHT NOW before it sells out again.


Liz just ordered a copy. Wii Fit is a seriously good deal considering that I used to pay $80/month to belong to a health club for just me. Not to mention any decent piece of home exercise equipment is going to run you $500 minimum.

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Good luck Robb! After Orlando, I decided I was way too out of shape too, and joined the local gym. It's time to get back to where I feel healthier, and better about myself. Perhaps, I'll give Terrence a run for his money.


Oh yes, I demand hobbit feet pictures!

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Good luck Robb! You did it last time, soI know you can do it again


I really need to drop about 30 pounds. I might not go at your pace, but hopefully i'll be there before too long!


Dave "does this mean Robb's credits will be gone by '09?" Wilson

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Nobody has reported any success stories on the wii fit so far here, so I will!!!


My wife has been using it for a few months and has lost over 20 pounds! That is the ONLY exercise that she does, and she LOVES it!


So, if my wife can do it, so can you!!!!!!


We both have faith in you!


Make sure you work up a sweat!!!

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Robb, I think it's great that you're trying to lose weight. Though I thought the Wii Fit went a little overboard calling you 'obese'. I mean you're pretty big, but you're not obese!


THIS is obese:


Thank God, you're nothing like that.


Best of luck to you Robb! Can't wait to see some progress!



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