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Sunset Hills amusement parks [RCT3]

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Again a new teaser of the REDNECK!!!!




I'm sorry to tell you guys this will be one of the few screens I'll be able to show for a while because I'm still going on my brothers computer and I can't use it as I please so please be patient and I'll do my best to get new screens up asap.

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These new updates are really good. I like all of the logos, and the B&M looks fun.


I do wish you would decrease the size of your photos, though. I'm still having to scroll over to see all of them, and what everyone is saying...


Keep up the good work!

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I won't be able to post any time soon because it turned out it wasn't the HD but the Motherboard of my computer, tried a brand new hd and an older one we still had of a previous computer and my computer just didn't find any HD so I'll be out for a while but I'll continue this park when I get my computer back.

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No we don't have toshiba's at my place^^.



Yesterday was opening day of year 3 of Sunset Hills and all I can say is that the new coaster Blasts your brain out(quite literally). the new section has as promised 2 new coaster (Redneck, Flying Lizard), 3 new flat rides (Eclipse, breakdance, and grand carousell), a new restaurant (Luigi's) and a new gift shop (the emporium).


So without talking for the sake of talking here are the pictures I took during my third annual trip to Sunset Hills.


Some "old" Classics

Blue thunder:





Tornado run's station has a new billboard:


And now for the new section!!!!!


Coming up to Flying Lizard:


Overview of flying lizard:


Breakdance and the Emporium:


Luigi's Pizza and pasta heaven:


And then I went to the big red coaster that cought my eye








This picture was taken by my friend. I'm the big guy on the front row


This are all the pictures I took that day but I'm sure to go back soon and I'll try to get some onride shots next time.






I hope you all like the park so far and please keep commenting and giving advise to me since I think there's much more I can do with this park so please keep commenting.




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^Me too, and the layout seems to fit the landscape very well. The only thing I dislike is the length of the trains. If I was you, I would only use 4-5 cars pr. train and not the 11 which you have in use. The train is, as you can see in the last pic, by far filled up with riders - it's only the 5 cars in front which are in use.

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Hi I know its been a long time since I've posted about this park and I'll just give you guys the DL of the park because I can't play RCT3 for the moment due to being on a spare computer wich I can't run the game, RCT2 is one of the only things it can run, its that old.


The park is already in its later years like year 7-8

with new additions like the Chaos section and Leviathan

Chaos is an Intamin accelerator and Leviathan is a custom dive machine

I hope you all watch the park and comment back on it because I've put a lot of effort in it and I'd like to know what you guys think of what I've build with the limited CS I used.


I'll probably start another RCT3 park in the future with more CS but thats for when I get a new computer that can run it.


All you need is:

Steel Jungle

ATH catwalks




I hope you guys like it and enjoy it as much I did

Sunset Hills Chaos Newly decorated.dat

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