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Sunset Hills amusement parks [RCT3]

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Hi i'm Glad to bring you guys all the first sights of my new park:Sunset Hills!


To start of with I won't use ANY cs in the near future because my computer just got redone and I don't want another mess with my hd.

Second, its a normal park so I'll have more architectural options(since thats what I studied for 6years J A was a shame of scenery choice). I've been working on my building skills as of lately and I hope it shows.


So I'll now give you guys a small tour in our still small park.


But first the park logo:(Still learning Photoshop)


Now entering the park:


The main entrance plaza With the Trampolines:


The entrance building alone:


The giant frisbee SLEDGE:


An overviewshot of Sledge:


RoundHouse and a restroom building:


An overview of the 3rides surrounding the main plaza:


Another overview:


A cosy corner stall:


A view of how crowded it was today(Look close at the back of the park, you might see a hint of the next update)


Coming to Blue Thunder our compact B&M Stad-up coaster:


Coming closer to Blue Thunder:


The Layout:


The kids section and Wasp, our bright yellow Boomerang:


Walking under the Cobraroll:


That's it for today people, I hope you liked the first visit to Sunset Hills amusement park and I hope to see you soon!!!


Please post comments and opinions if you think I have to change something about the park. Any comment or advise is always highly appreciated.



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I hope you get your HD fixed!

It looks great apart from the terraforming, it could do with being a bit smoother. But other than that it looks great, It's going to end up as a great family park!

One thing I suggest you do is once you've smoothed those jagged hills out a bit add some more trees, they make alot of difference!

I'll be watching this park, it could turn out to be something amazing!

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Thanks everybody for the comments and I personally think this park has more potential than J A because I'm not Limited in scenery and such.


Other things to discuss are that I went for my annual visit to Sunset Hills, and man things have changed!!!!! I stayed a bit longer than expected because they opened the NEW SECTION in the evening so I just had to check it out, it's not that thrilling as I expected but there still where so things that got my neckhair up and the new restaurant is just faboulous, great steak and for a fair price.


So here I am with my picures I took from my last visit to the park:



A view from Blue Thunder with more trees:


Here are some onride pictures:


Going through the immelman:


First brake run


Indoor Inline-twist:


Waiting for the Titanic(flodering ferry) I took a shot of the kids section:


Overview during the night:


From the other side of the park:


But now somthing completely different!!! The new section of the park.


Entering the new section:


As soon as I had the chance I ran up to the new coaster! Tornado Run, a compact woodie that has a great layout and some great turns


Here's an onride picture:


Walking up to Bullrope(the new round-up ride):


Another view of Bullrope:


An overview of Tornado Run:


The first drop:


Walking up to the Falls(new splash ride):




I love this ride its really a soaker!


Lovely shot of the drop:


I'll be coming back for sure, the new section is really cool and at that point I didn't even do all the new rides


The station of The Falls:


Some more rides in the new section:



The rodeo range:


Then we decided to close of the day with a nice big peppersteak

The new Ricky's Ranch Restaurant:


Here's an overview of the new section wich I think is a great addition to the park:




I hope you guys like the new section and I hope to see you next season when I'll go back and visit Sunset Hills again.


I heard rumors that the park has been contacting some rich guyes from the country trying to get them to invest in the park, they don't have any idea what they'll build next year so anything is possible for the moment but I think they'll let the guests decide what to build next, so if you guys have any idea what could make this a beter park than what it is now you can always share it with me. So keep commenting and reacting as much as possible. I anybody want to draw their ideas I'll make an overview of the terrain I have left to fill up and you can always tell me what ou think schould be added.

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I am working on a new logo but I'm still learning photoshop . I understand why you might think its outplaced Jcoaster but I had a complete plan to build it(I always make sketches of what I'm about to build) and just did it, I might change it a bit with more green trees to give it the parks feel again.

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GREAT NEWS!!!!! The park has found an investor to build the new section coming to Sunset Hills next season. The plans are already taking shape as for what I heard. Rumor has it their gonna build 2 new coasters and 1 is gonna be a medium thrill coaster and the second is gonna be a one of HIGH thrill!! But it doesn't end there, the park also decided to build a new flatride or two to fill the space they've cleared out for the new coasters. Also a new gift shop will be build and a restaurant will be added. I'll keep you guys in touch if I hear more about the expansion plans.




All please keep commenting on this topic and give suggestions for the coasters and flat rides(wich I schould build to keep everyone happy). I also like to say I am building custom supports on the new coasters and I'll probably do the same with the old coasters once I get the hang of it


Hope you stay tuned for the next updates.

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I really like the layout of that woodie, it kind of reminds me of Crystal Beach Cyclone; if you have the time, patience and skills, you should really consider making custom supports on it.


What the theming concerns, it's overall pretty nice, but that "squary" basin which the splash boat is going into either needs to be re-shaped or have some theming which can bear the "squary" shape.

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Sorry for the double post but I could not wait to share the BIG NEWS!!!!


I was reading the local newspaper this morning and read and Saw this:



We here at Sunset Hills amusement park are proud to report the plans for the new section are as good as complete and are being build as we speak! The new section will include a new restaurant, a gift shop, 3new flat rides and 2 new coasters. The new section will include at least one attraction for every public(kids, thrillseekers, etc...). The most completed ride for the moment is the BIG new coaster that is meant for the thrillseekers among us. We hope to see you all soon in our park to check out the new rides and stores.

Pr manager


This was the picture that was released with the article:


I really can't wait to go visit the park again and ride the new stuff.


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Hi I've been busy lately and my brother stepped in to help me because I suck at photoshop and he made me some logo's for Blue Thunder, Tornado Run and the NEW COASTER: The Redneck of wich there is a new picture released!!!






Here's the new picture of Redneck:


I'll keep you guys posted on any news I hear and/or see!

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