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Hansa Park Discussion Thread

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^ I think it entirely depends on the situation. Just think, if the building is made specifically for the hill and constructed prior to the assembly of the actual hill, how would they manage fitting a crane in there...


Well anyways, I am entirely jealous of anyone who gets to ride this coaster because it looks spectacular between the actual ride itself, and its scenery.



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The drop will be enclosed in a 40 meters high tower. The tunnel is totaly dark till end of the ride. All buildings will be connected to one large bilding including 3 towers (97 degree drop, the overbanked turn after the drop and the station).


The way how hey built the ride is very complicated, because they can reach the construction area just from one side. On the other side the parks ends, and there is no way for cranes or other large vehicles.




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but this are not the only things that will be outdoor! Look at the picture above (edit on the page before) from the tophill! there you see supports which couldn`t be build inside a building! Seems that 60% is indoor and 40% outdoor

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Sorry for the many posts, but today, hansa-park released a new part of the story. It is getting really complicated, and the english version is quite hard to understand, but decide by yourself:







greetz Philip

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Its amazing how they through that building over the lifthill up in that little amount of time. However, I am a little surprised regarding the fact that there is so much track left to install. In multiple pictures posted above, you can see supports that aren't supporting anything including many high ones! This ride is turning out great though, I really cant image the drops, turns and elements all in the black of the building!


Great update!

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yes of coursse... they just waited for the technic to get installed then they will began with the test ride....


A intresting fact they mentioned in the press conference is, that they will add the darkide part over the season and in the the holiday break next winter.... So the coaster this season is just running without a story/darkride part or just with minimalistic one.

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they are really looking good! So want to show more from http://www.kataplektor.de



i like especialy the back of the trains:


thy started with theming the second tower:


the third tower is growing:


here the train train arrives to the indoor lifthill:


i like this view of the outdoor part:


the hill after the launch:



here will be a scene of the darkride part:


nice details on theming:


all three towers on one pic:

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