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Hansa Park Discussion Thread

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Hansa could be going the same way as it did with Fluch Von Novgorod. We got to ride it, partially-themed, back in 2009 on the TPR Tour. Loved it! Then we returned last year, and re-rode it with everything finished. Still awesome, but WOW with all the immersive theming and all! Even better!!!


They may go this way, with the new one, as well. Open it before all the theming (and painting) is finished.


Fluch. In 2009, before all the outside/inside was finished up. A great coaster then...and now.

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The 2nd half of this coaster looks really close to the ground so you would hope it will deliver some really good airtime! I will be interested to see the finished products in a couple of years when all the theming is complete as Novgorod was really well done when 100% finished.

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Looks really good, but I have to say I was expecting a more creative layout. Still, it could be a really great ride when the theme is 100% done. Congratulations to Gerstlauer!
Probably had to do with Money.


Thanks KingRTC3! If that Drop inside the Tower is in the Dark, that's going to be Awesome!

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It's an unusual ride for Gerstlauer, per say. The inversion count should be one, a heartline roll (?) during the dark-ride portion, which is not included in my simulation. Any other elements that can look like inversions are in fact overbanked turns.

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They look like extremely overbanked turns to me (like 120 degrees) but it's hard to know as the horizon goes out of view which is our only reference point. It's definitely not clear to me either from the animation or the layout. I guess KingRCT3 knows best from the POV of the animation as he created it.


Also I guess it's opening a whole can of worms to debate whether an extremely overbanked turn is an inversion or not. I always think the same about the little immelman on Black Mamba because although your bum goes over your head, it's not fully upsidedown.

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